Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Much Cooler Weather

Sunday morning we headed to Grand Lake St. Marys State Park and time with Sue and Dan.  We were about six miles ahead of the others who took I-275 to the east while we continued north on I-75. As soon as we were all tucked in to our normal site we went to Dan's house.  We sat outside and munched on veggies, crackers and cheese and wings Dan had grilled.  They had planned a ribeye dinner but we were all so full we begged off.  

Brandon came over and fished for awhile.  Ted tried his hand and caught one little one which he threw back.

Blue is always glad to have company because he knows the chances are good some food may fall.

Dan's new boat was not ready for a ride because a part needs to be changed out so we sat and watched the geese float by, get out and walk the edge, then swim past again and again.

It was getting dark and it had been a long day so we headed back to the park.  The sun was setting over the water and was way prettier than this photo shows.

We both took some Nyquil because of coughing so we slept late, almost to 9 o'clock.  By the time we showered, dressed, straightened up, went to the store and returned, it was 2:30 in the afternoon.  As we were heading to Dan's they were heading to the park!  We finally got it straightened out and they came home where we waited for them.  Eventually we took them to dinner where we sat over drinks for a long time.  By the time we arrived back at their house it was time to call it a night.  After hugs and kisses we said our thank yous and goodbyes.

We were on our way to Shipshewana IN by 8:30 Tuesday morning.  It rained some and of course it kept it up while we set up at the campground.  The others were supposedly about 2.5 hours behind us.  We had agreed to meet Kelly and Mike, Heartland friends we met in the valley, for lunch at the Auction Restaurant.  We had a great visit, sat for a long time talking and eventually went back to the campground to see if the others had come in.  

They were MIA so we went to Lambright's to buy a table to use in front of the couch.  There is nowhere for people to set a drink if they are sitting on the couch.  This one folds and can be stored next to the couch when not in use.  It can also serve as a desk or an extra eating spot.  It is a beautiful piece, all handmade by the Amish.

We returned and the others still hadn't arrived.  I texted and learned they had stopped at Fleetwood for a part for Ira.  Once they arrived and got set up we went into town to look around.  The flowers here are all so pretty that I can't skip taking photos of them.

Ira and Eileen

After meandering through a store or two we went to dinner and then to the custard shoppe at the other campground we have stayed at in the past.  We came home and sat at the picnic table until it got too cool.  That has been a long time coming!  We are meeting at 9:00 in the morning.

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