Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life with the Amish

We were up and ready to go at 9:00.  First stop was the flea market, the most famous thing about Shipshewana.  None of us need anything but we found a few things to buy.  At noon we went to the Auction Restaurant again for lunch.  Afterwards we drove to White Pigeon, MI to look for new furniture for Lee and Ira's motorhome at an RV surplus store.  They found a set but need to measure.  While wandering around I found two new pillows for my couch.  $3 each.  What a steal.  It was Tom, Lee and Ira's first time in Michigan!

We stopped at E&S Market on the way home.  This is where the Amish shop and the items available are mind boggling.  Everyone loved it and we all had bags when we left.  Mine held homemade noodles that will get used up quickly especially in chicken soup and served with pot roast.

Dinner was light for everyone on their own and then we gathered outside around a fire for the evening. When it got too cold and damp we all went in.

I have been battling a bad cough and my sciatic nerve was killing me as we walked so much and I went to bed early.  

Thursday morning Ira fixed us all breakfast.  Since it had rained all night and their site had become waterfront property, we ate inside.  There were eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, french toast, regular toast, OJ and coffee.  I wasn't hungry again until dinner at 6:00!

Tom decided to clean, Eileen and I went to the nail salon and Ted, Ira and Lee went to Elkhart furniture shopping.  When we all returned I got dinner together while others ran some errands.  We ate outside and visited until my knees got cold and I decided to come in.  I am still hacking but feeling better.  We head to Frankenmuth tomorrow (Friday).

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