Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catching Up On Little Things

We had some running to do on Friday before we got ready for the rehearsal and dinner. First off was a stop at the post office to send off a DVD to Keith. He decorates his ENTIRE house at Christmas and brought the DVD he made to the family reunion to share with me. We couldn't get it to play and it wasn't until Patrick "fixed" our TV connection in Michigan that we were able to watch it. It was all so beautiful and just amazing to see.

And we were looking for a Chase bank but apparently the nearest one is across the river in Kentucky. We'll deal with that later.

Next was a stop at Lowe's to purchase filler for a scratch in our kitchen floor. A screw on the underside of the glide came loose and scratched the floor when I put it out. We are hoping that the filler and marker will take care of it. We can't find the Armstrong Butterscotch boards or we would have it replaced. We may still do something like that if the filler doesn't work.

A stop at Kroger's for some groceries and we were on our way back home.

Karen and Ron picked us up and we drove to Harrison, IN to the church. It's small and will be hard pressed to hold 400 people if they all come to the ceremony. We will arrive early so Ted and I can be on the end. When we walk up to the altar we won't need to climb over people.

The dinner was very good and Amy and Landon received their "something old" gifts from their grandparents. Amy received a ring that her Grandpa had given her Grandma as well as a set of unused dishes they had received as a wedding gift 53 years ago. Her other Grandma gave her a Christmas serving piece, a Lenox dish and crystal bowl. She has 12 children and over 50 grandchildren. It's a tradition in their family to give these "old" gifts. I thought it was a great way to clean out the closets!

The bride and groom passed out their attendants' gifts and thank you notes to everyone who was involved in the wedding. Ted and I have been Communion ministers lots of times but this was the first Thank You note we ever received. It was very much appreciated.

Kara and Kelly will arrive today with their families. They are staying at a hotel not far from us. I know Kelly is going back tomorrow; I don't know if Kara is staying over until Monday.

Chris sent my driving glasses I had left in my car at home as well as the license tag for Ted's truck. The inspection will just have to wait until we return.

On another note, we have booked a transatlantic cruise for the fall of 2012. It is 16 days leaving from Italy with stops in France and Spain then six days at sea before stopping in Nassau and then Galveston. We have found these repositioning cruises to be great deals. There is a group of nine people going so far. The price is good until mid-October so if anyone is interested, let me know. Our balcony cabin is about the same price as a one week cruise out of Galveston.

“Successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." ~ German Greer

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