Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Now In Cincinnati

Karen and Ron had left Dan's by the time we arrived. Young Dan's family was back from their boat ride and we're preparing to leave. That left just Scott and Beth staying with the five of us. We started watching a movie and Ted said at one point he looked around and he was the only one awake. Maybe I'm not so old after all. Even the young ones were worn out.

I had taken the rest of the "reunion chili" over and later on the seven of us had 3-ways and coneys for dinner and polished off the last of the peach pie I had made. Beth and Scott left for home and we weren't far behind them.

We slept in on Monday and then spent a leisurely day doing laundry and resting up. Around 4 o'clock I fixed the last of the roast beef and gravy I had made. Ted had bought hand made noodles from the Amish and I fixed them too. With sliced tomatoes, we had a nice early dinner.

After dinner we went back to Dan's and we all took a ride to the log cabin in the woods that Brandon is refurbishing. He has a beautiful treed lot and a small lake. He hopes to be in it sometime this winter. He's made great progress on it since we saw it at Christmas time.

Today we left Celina around 10 and made our way to Cincinnati. I don't know whose roads are worse, Michigan's or Ohio's. We had to send for new paddles for our ceiling fan that broke off from flexing with all the bouncing in Michigan. We stopped by Karen's today to pick them up because we asked Nuwa to send them there. They didn't send screws so we are short three and Ted will have to go tomorrow to get some.

We decided to stop at LaRosa's for a late dinner and are now watching TV. We have no agenda for tomorrow so we'll just wait to see what develops.

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits. ~ Satchel Paige

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Carol said...

Sounds like you are still have a good time! Enjoy the cooler weather because once you head south you will warm up in a hurry - unless that tropical system develops. Be safe!