Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shipshewana, IN - Amish Country

We left Monroe Monday morning after using 5-6 feet of the spots across from us to get out. Good thing there was no one parked there. And we cleared a tree by just inches. I don't know why they don't use a list of maximum lengths for different sites. And I don't understand this propensity to put trees or posts at the end of the drive. Single lane roads just don't work well in campgrounds. Next time we'll stay at the state park since we've checked it out and we'll fit.

We had about a 150 mile drive and arrived in Shipshewana before noon. We got set up and Ted took off to Elkhart to check on an auxiliary tank. Since Pilot bought Flying J, the truck stops are more expensive than regular stations. But if you are pulling, you have no choice but to go to a truck stop. So we decided to have a tank put in the truck bed so we can pull around 800 miles without needing to refuel. That way we can take on fuel when we stop for the night when we are unhooked.

When he returned we took a walk into town and stopped at a few shops. We never tire of the buggies clip-clopping down the street. The Amish people do not want their picture taken and I always respect that but they have never objected to us taking pictures of their horses.

I wanted to take a picture of the Blue Gate Restaurant because the flowers are so beautiful. So we walked that way and I snapped a few other flower photos.

We bought a gift for someone, a birthday card and a few groceries before heading back home. I had ribs in the crockpot and after dinner we took another walk to visit our "neighbors."

I turned in early because we needed to be up at 7 o'clock to travel to Elkhart this morning. There was a big storm through the night and it's the first heavy rain we've encountered since back in February! Right now we are in the "less than luxurious" customer lounge of Dually Depot while the tank is installed.

“My biggest thrill was seeing the Amish. Their way of life, to me, is just fascinating, that people in this day and time can still live like that.” - Jennie Gamble


jillquilts said...

We ate at the Blue Gate Inn one night when I was in Shipshewana last October. It was great food as well as a lot of interesting things to look at. :)

Carol said...

Love the Blue Gate and Shipshewana-Dan and I spent a couple of days there two years ago when we left Idaho and were headed back to Michigan to see his nieces and nephew. Met the nicest Amish girl at the Blue Gate and I love the buggies also. Have you seen the hitching posts at Wal Mart for the buggies? Travel safe.