Saturday, July 23, 2011

And On Into The Weekend

We made our trip to St Marys OH with no difficulties. Ted flipped his switch and our new tank filled up the truck tank and all was good. We are very familiar with this park and knew we had to take on water because there isn't any at the sites and the electric is on the wrong side. We had to clear all four slides and stay close enough to the electric post but we had plenty of room and no problems. They have nice big trees here but they are in the middle of the sites and cause no problems entering or exiting.

We talked to Sue and once Dan and Brandon came home from work they came over for a short visit before we all went into St Marys for dinner. Of course Dan insisted on picking up the check and no amount of cajoling on Ted's part could get their favorite waitress to give him the check.

It is Lake Fest weekend here at Grand Lake so we went into town Friday to investigate. Karen and Ron had arrived but no one wanted to come out in the unbearable heat. We walked around a bit, ate a little lunch, came back to the RV for the beef & gravy and peach pie I had made and went over to Dan's house. We stayed there the rest of the day and had dinner. A rainstorm finally cooled it off enough to sit outside comfortably.

We left just about 10 pm and saw some of the Lake Fest fireworks over the lake as we drove along the southern shoreline making our way home.

Saturday was the party for Brian's graduation and Vicki's 40th birthday. I thought the 50 cases of beer might be excessive but it wasn't. Then there were the other bottles and mixes brought in by so many others. And food galore! There had to be 100 people there. There were tents and games set up all around. Ted and Brandon lost the play off in cornhole to the pro bowler!

I think all the food kept the revelry from getting too bad, at least until much later. The music started at 8 pm but it took awhile before the dancing started. Liquid courage I guess.

They asked me to teach them the two step. When I turned in front of Vicki and said take two quick steps she asked "you do this backward?" I said, "well one of us has to." It was going downhill fast. I'm not up to these nine hour parties but I made it.

Ted is always the designated driver in our family so he drove Dan's truck home. I think Karen and I were the only other ones that were sober having drunk water all day and night. We picked up our own truck to come back to the campground. It was 2 o'clock before we got to bed.

This morning we went to church at St. Patrick's which was built in 1836. The priest was elderly with Parkinson's it appeared. There was no A/C so we had a quick 30 minute Mass with no homily. I guess that makes up for a couple of the serious overtimes we get at home.

Ted has gone skeet shooting and I'm getting things done around here. We'll probably go over to Dan's later. His son Dan, wife and three kids are over there now going out on the boat. Karen, Ron, Beth and Scott spent the night so I have no idea how many will still be there when we arrive later today.

“Drinking beer doesn't make you fat, It makes you lean.... Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles.”

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