Thursday, July 7, 2011

Getting Behind

Tuesday we had lunch plans with Carole and Margo from Plymouth in downtown Rochester. We first learned of these two adventuresome ladies through my friend SueAnne's mother Molly (who by the way is my role model for old age!). Carole and Margo travel all winter throughout Mexico and not in the touristy coastal areas. They get right in with the locals and stay extended periods. Molly knew of my love of travel and started sending me their Notes From the Road. A correspondence and subsequent friendship developed and when we are both in the Michigan area, we get together.

Our lunch ran for three hours and I think we could have stayed longer if we let Ted keep going. He was on a roll. We have traveled so many places and are easily entertained with local fare and Ted has a story about just about everywhere.

We may be of some help to the dynamic duo as they prepare for their 2011-2012 travels. We'll stay in touch and see how it all turns out.

Wednesday didn't go as planned, breakfast out and the Chrysler Museum. Jay needed to get his tank fixed and he went into town to get that taken care of. I took the opportunity to do laundry and met one of the volunteers here in the park. She said they are only required to work six hours a week. That's total, not each person. Quite a gig! Since we had no other plans, we went into Kara's for dinner and went to Sam's baseball game. Ted was in his glory because one coach was there by himself so Ted got to help. He's been working with Sam and they are both enjoying it.

Today was our day to babysit so we drove in early and took the kids to the mall. First we went to Build-A-Bear with Morgan's gift card. The card paid for the bear but who wants a naked bear? So one bear, one bath, one dress and shoes later, we headed to the Lego store with Molly in tow.

Sam is going to be a salesman. He was giving pitches right and left to adults in the store looking at all that is available. He almost had a woman convinced to buy the $400 Death Star because it is being discontinued and "once it's gone, it's gone!" He picked out some sort of Star Wars ship and we bought it for his birthday.

Kara asked us to stop at Gymboree to get white bike shorts for Morgan which we did. Then we took them to lunch at the Peacock Cafe. We followed that with a pit stop, a stop at the post office to mail Tommy & Susan booklets on Pigeon Forge and then on to Wal-Mart to look for swim vests. We struck out there so headed back to Kara's.

She came home shortly after that and we headed back to the campground. Ted glanced in the back and we had the car booster seats still! We turned around to take them back and eventually made it home.

Ted is washing his truck and I'm getting caught up on the computer. If all is well with Jay's truck, we intend to go to Frankenmuth tomorrow. Our days are filled until we leave next Friday. I still have to wallpaper Kelly's bathroom and have dinner with our friends Barb and Randy. No matter how long we stay here or in Cincinnati, we never get to see and do all that we want.

If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.- Maria Edgeworth

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