Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ready to Pull Out Again

About 10:30 Tuesday morning, they were finished installing our auxiliary tank and automatic pump so we had to put some fuel in and drive back for them to pressure check it. Once that was done, we drove over the state line to Michigan to fill up both tanks with fuel where it was 20 cents cheaper. Wow! $360 to fill up both tanks. "Isn't that special?" as Dana Carvey as the Church Lady would say. We accomplished what we set out to do - travel all day without needing to stop for fuel while hooked up. That will normally be good for a little more than two average driving days.

We decided to drive to Emma to eat lunch. There are so many fine Amish cooking restaurants around that's it hard to choose where to go. From there we went to the flea market to find a few items we had in mind including paper plates for my sister to use at the lake. She bought some when she was here and wanted another supply. Ted wanted some cleaner he bought that works well on our slide rubber and some more clamps. I was looking for a hand mirror since I broke mine. You can find all kinds of things you need and even more that you don't but buy anyway.

The heat has arrived and we were both covered in perspiration when we arrived home. Our neighbors on either side came out and we had a nice conversation with them. The nice breeze of the night before didn't kick up so eventually everyone went in to the A/C.

This morning we went back to the auction portion of the flea market. There were about six auctioneers selling "things." It was such a cacophony of chatter that I never could decipher what was being said. But when they sold the animals by only one auctioneer, I started understanding a bit of what he said. I waved at a fly in my face and the man sitting next to me looked over and I thought "Oh no, I probably just bought a cow!"

We ate lunch at the Auction Restaurant and neither of us ordered pie. In Emma we had some of the best peanut butter pie we ever ate but decided to restrain ourselves today. We found more things to buy at the flea market portion and it was mid-afternoon when we came home and got out of the heat.

Tomorrow we leave for Grand Lake St. Marys State Park, another short 150 mile trip. I'm sure it will only get warmer as we head south. From the weather maps, there doesn't seem to be much cool air anywhere in the nation right now.

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. - George Carlin

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