Friday, July 8, 2011

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Today we left for a day trip to Frankenmuth. Our first reason for going was to show Jay the back way to I-69 and then to I-75 without backtracking. The second reason was to have their world famous chicken dinner.

Our first stop was at Bronner's, Michigan's #1 tourist attraction and the largest Christmas store in the world. You just can't look around and not find something to buy. I had two ornaments personalized but I can't say for whom without spilling the beans. I also bought a Christmas mantle scarf. I guessed on the size so I hope it works out OK. Stella bought a feathered bird ornament for her daughter.

Next stop was Bavarian Inn for that wonderful chicken dinner. First you are served fruit stollen and homemade white bread with homemade preserves and butter. Next comes chicken noodle soup followed by cole slaw, chicken pasta salad, bean salad and cranberry salad. By the time they bring the chicken, mashed potatoes, noodles, dressing, mixed vegetables and sauerkraut, you wonder where you can put it all. Ted opted for wiener schnitzel as a second meat and Jay chose bratwurst. You finish up with a dish of ice cream.

We all waddled out and headed to the fudge store. Stella bought some fudge but I waited outside on the bench. This is a mural showing the process of making fudge. The smell was tempting but I was so full, it was easy to resist.

The flowers all over the town are so beautiful that I just wanted to take them all in. Her back was bothering her and walking was uncomfortable so we limited our activity in town. This is the Bavarian Inn as we approached it.

This is a topiary-type chicken but done in flowers in front of Zehnder's that also has the wonderful chicken dinners. I believe they share the same kitchen with the Bavarian Inn.

We went back to the glockenspiel because it was to go off at 3 o'clock. It is the 13th century story of the Pied Piper of Hamlin. He agrees to get rid of the town rats, which he does successfully. But then the town thinks he has used sorcery and refuses to pay him. The next day he played his flute and led all the children out of town except for a blind boy and a crippled boy who fell behind. They returned to town to tell what happened. To this day, in the city of Hamlin, Germany the story is retold in a stained glass window. There are many theories as to what really happened to the children but it has been documented since 1384 when a written chronicle states "it has been 100 years since our children have gone."

This is the Pied Piper leading the rats out of the city.

Here he is leading the children out of the city.

This is a full shot of the entire glockenspiel.

We drove back home and have been inside ever since. I paid some bills, caught up on my e-mail, finished a book and now am doing my blog. Soon we will go outside for a campfire. We're still using the scavenged wood that supplemented the wheelbarrow full that we bought. The weather has been delightful. It was 66 inside the RV this morning and probably hit about 82 this afternoon.

Jay and Stella leave Sunday for Traverse City and I don't know what their plans are for tomorrow. I have a noon nail appointment and Ted is going shooting. We want to attend Mass at Sacred Heart at 4 pm. I guess we'll decide about dinner at some point in time.

"Pied Piper: As a rule / I refrain from calling any man a fool. Heed me now. / I'll wait until yon clock strikes the hour. / Don't let me go away / Without my pay."

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