Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kara's Big Day

It was late when we got home so first thing we did was open the sofa bed. Our old couch was smaller and made a much smaller bed. We used to have to move the recliners but we don't need to move anything but the coffee table in this new one. It makes a good sized bed. The kids got undressed and into their PJs and climbed right in. Everyone slept well, especially me. I was tired from the wallpapering.

Years ago we bought a set of four CDs containing old, I mean my childhood old, cartoons. There is Lulu, Henry, Mighty Mouse, Popeye, etc. The kids love them and have watched them everytime they come. Tuesday was no exception. It kept them occupied until Ted woke up.

I made pancakes for breakfast and then Ted started to wash the trailer. Morgan was helping him while Sam played outside. I took this picture through the window because the steps were up and I couldn't go out.

The kids were bummed because there are no kids here now. There are just five trailers in the loop. After I finished up inside I took them to the playground but it was getting hot out and they wanted to come back for lunch.

Both of them like to play games on my computer. Chess is the newest one they play. Even 7 year old Morgan was telling me "this one can move this way, and this one moves that way." I guess trial and error on the computer is a good way to learn.

Ted and I dressed for the Centurion celebration and drove back into town. We drove one car downtown while Allen, Joy and Kara went in the other. Pat and Kelly came too plus four other friends of Kara's. She may have had the biggest fan base there!

The stories were heartwarming and heartbreaking. I was amazed at how many people were honored and each had their own story. Kara did a wonderful presentation and looked like a million bucks. She got a great round of applause.

Kara and Joy stayed downtown to go celebrate with a dozen others while the rest of us headed home. We were all hungry since we had missed dinner so we stopped at Steak and Shake because it was 10 o'clock and they are open 24 hours. Then we stayed at the house while Allen took the babysitter home and then we headed back to the campground. Another late night.

We have nothing scheduled for today until Sam's second playoff game tonight. We are going to ride to what we think is Lake Orion. In following our GPS to Walled Lake on Sunday, we stumbled on a town right on a lake very close by that we didn't even know was there. We're checking it out today. We may spend the night at Kara's because we're watching the kids tomorrow early while she goes to a meeting and Allen heads to Lansing. I think Cars 2 is on the agenda for us.

They're going to miss us after we pull out on Friday!


Carol said...

Two beautiful ladies - and congratulations to Kara! (Oh Yeah! Ted looks okay too! LOL!)

Rick and Brenda said...

Congratulations to Kara. She deserves all of the accolades that she receives.