Monday, May 2, 2011

There is a God ... but I already knew that

Gerre and I continue to walk 5K three times a week. Our next event is a 3K walk sponsored by the YMCA. That won't take us long at all. But it is still two weeks away.

So after our walk on Friday I had to see the eye doctor. Turns out I had cloudy membranes on my cataract lenses and they had to be zapped with a laser. He did it right then. I told him sometimes I wished I could take out the lenses and clean them. He explained it was like the difference between looking through Saran wrap and waxed paper. According to him, this happens all the time and is no big deal. I have drops to use for the next week. My distance eye is great again but the close up one is taking a bit longer to heal. This was my experience with the original cataract surgery too. I just love getting old! Ted would say it beats the alternative and I shouldn't complain.

While I was at the doctor, Ted was at the gun club giving a lesson to a fellow. I'm so glad Ted has an outside interest. He gave up golf after his back surgery. What husbands do in retirement is always a big topic among women about to face that scenario. I can say we have never been bored for any length of time in retirement. We stay pretty busy.

There was a gun show on Saturday that Ted attended but he was just looking. I went for a pedicure. We picked up Gerre and Barry late afternoon and headed to Mel's. They had never been there before we took them and said they wanted to go back. We had a great dinner then went to their house to visit. We never seem to run out of things to talk about. Barry was telling us about changing his American Express card to a senior card that has the same amentities but costs about half of the yearly charges. So when I came home I called and changed ours. They aren't real forthcoming about this card but if you ask, they'll tell you. If you watch the pennies, the dollars take care of themselves. I don't know who said that but it's true.

Church went into "serious overtime" as Kristin would say when it ran an hour and a half. There were a half dozen First Communicants and three engaged couples to be blessed. Then the sermon was followed by another push for the Capital Campaign and it all took time. It was all interesting though because I was shocked when I looked at my watch at the end and saw the time. Randy called Ted as we drove home so he took off for the gun club and I went shopping for paper goods for Thursday, birthday cards, and some flowers for the yard. Despite my attempts at the baskets, they are truly spent and need to be replaced for my company on Thursday.

And this is where my "minor miracle" comes in. Rebecca didn't clean Good Friday because we were gone. She is scheduled here this Friday which would mean four weeks between her thorough cleanings. However, I am having 27 women to the house for the Continental Breakfast group on Thursday ... the day before! Alas, I was going to have to clean fairly good on my own the day before Rebecca came. As I drove in, she was standing in the driveway with her mother-in-law and Chris her brother-in-law who stays here when we're gone. In the course of conversation I told her my dilemma and lo and behold she said her Wednesday lady has to go to court and she was free to come then instead of Friday. Hallelujah, praise the Lord. I didn't even pray for this and He sent it to me anyway. Little miracles happen everyday. We just have to watch for them.

Ted came down the street while I was talking to Rebecca so I drove on. I had put ribs in the oven before I left so dinner was on the table fairly quickly. We watched Amazing Race and I'm still not over my cowboys losing last week. I feel there was some cheating that went on but you only see the edited version so who knows. I'm pulling for the young man and his autistic friend. They were in Switzerland with beautiful shots of the Matterhorn.

Today I'm playing Canasta again. One of these days I'll get good partners and cards at the same time and win a few hands. The rest of the week will be preparation for Thursday's big gathering here. Friday is the Installation Program and Luncheon for Junior Forum. The weeks just seem to slip away so quickly.

Have a good one y'all.

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Carol said...

Looks like you are living the good life. I just wish the work week would "slip" away quickly - but we have 24 more school days until I "re-retire"!! Can't wait!!! Take care and have a good rest of your week.