Monday, May 9, 2011

Flan Does Not Transport Easily, Rebaked Potatoes Do

I made flan complete with cajeta (caramel sauce) for our Spanish wine tasting Saturday night. By the time we arrived, I was sticky, the console was sticky, the plate it was to get flipped on was sticky and the directions were sticky! That was the first of several things to go wrong.

My friend Pat had called and offered Ted her smoker because he had admired hers and questioned her about it while at a party. They are moving and don't want to take it with them. We left a message that we were home and could come over but we didn't hear from them until we were walking out the door Saturday night. We made arrangements for them to call us after they had been to church and lunch on Sunday.

Wine tasting was at our friends who recently built a spectacular house on the golf course and we were so impressed with the home, the lovely lot, landscaping, pool and patio. The night was perfect to be outside.

While we were talking about the wines we would be tasting, there was a loud PING and a cut glass dish that had been set on a hot plate just blew up. There was glass all over and two people ended up with small finger cuts trying to help get it up. Then someone used the tongs and they broke!

After we had all but the last wine, they put out the desserts. I flipped the flan over just fine and put the dishes and spoons around it. When I came back in later it was oh so slowly slipping to the edge of the dish. Twice it had to be pushed back to the center of the plate. It is off my list of things to take ever again. It will have to be a dinner at home dessert.

Sunday we had about eight First Communicants so we went into semi-serious overtime in church. Ted wanted to get to the gun club and back so we could get the smoker when they called ... and then they didn't. I stayed home, did the laundry, made rebaked potatoes and we went to Dave & Jody's for our Mother's Day dinner. Carol made ribs and brought them, I brought the potatoes and Jody made asparagus, bread and dessert. None of us have kids in the area so we made our own celebration. Dave gave me a chef's thermometer to check the temps on the potatoes and I stuck it in with the sheath still on it! I had just enough wine to just laugh and laugh. However, the potatoes were hot enough! Right before we ate, I received a phone call from Pat about the smoker!

I walked with Gerre this morning. The heat really affects our time and we're glad now next Saturday is just a 3K walk because it will be later than we usually walk and warmer. I am playing Canasta at one o'clock today followed by dinner out with friends who are leaving the area soon. Then I have a couple days to just hang out at home. I've talked to Pat about the smoker. She was on her way out to Bridge and said she will call Ted this afternoon when she gets home. Wish us luck.

Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.- George Burns

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