Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Didn't Make The Cut - I'm Still Here

Well ... this was the week I wanted church to run over an hour ... and it did ... and I'm still here ... didn't help to be in church at 6 p.m. So far, all of my friends and family are still here too. Just wanted you to know. P.S. - brown nosing obviously doesn't work! I'm glad I bought that birthday gift because the party was ON!

Ted had a great time at his charity shooting event. It was for Elves & More, an organization that provides new bicycles to underprivileged children who sign and complete a contract to improve their reading scores. He came in first in his squad and the squad came in second overall. He saw some fellows he hasn't seen in awhile and had a fun time. I went to Jeanette's and visited with some of the ladies in the neighborhood. Ida will be moving in a week or so.

We went to church Saturday night and then to Aurora's 60th birthday party. They had a great guitarist and there was eating, drinking, dancing out around the pool. It's hard to imagine that it's almost June here in Texas and we can still be comfortable outside. Susan and Vince were there and they are moving two days after I get back from Florida. I was glad to spend the time with them.

Morgan's birthday party was Friday and her school bus driver made her a princess cake.
Her birthday is Tuesday so I don't know if she opened her present with the new apron in it or not. Her mother is running in a breast cancer race today so I haven't heard from her yet. Maybe she'll send a picture of Morgan wearing her apron.

Sorry about the small photos but I took them off Facebook to share with you.

We are going out with our Dining Out group tonight to Carraba's. I can only remember eating at one in Mesa, AZ years ago. I'm not sure why we don't go there, we drive past it all the time.

Ted leaves for Fort Lauderdale on business tomorrow. He'll come home Thursday, landing a half hour after I take off. So I'll take him to the airport in the morning and on Thursday I'll drive myself, park the car in the garage, leave a message on his phone where it is, and he'll drive himself home. It's starting to sound like days of old when we had to juggle three kids, two jobs, traveling, etc. We managed that, we'll manage this.

For the Antichrist is working now only a little, because we restrain him as we are here and pray, until the rapture, when we will be taken out of the way.

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