Thursday, May 19, 2011

And My Hat Came Out Again

After a year of extensive remodeling of her home, our bunco group met at the home of Marleah, one of the original members of our group that will be 10 years old in the fall. She has a fabulous house on the most awesome lot. They have lived in two bedrooms and a bath the last year while the entire house was renovated. We were all so anxious to see the end result and it is beautiful. Most notable is a Texas limestone island in the kitchen that is probably 75 sq. ft. at least. We all enjoyed the tour so much. I think everyone went home with some remodeling project on their mind. We also bid farewell to Mary Bryan who is moving to Cary, NC. Her replacement came to play so it will be a smooth transition but we'll miss her all the same.

I took Tuesday and Wednesday off to get the laundry done and just take it easy. I like days when I don't have to go anywhere or do anything specific. Gerre was gone to Austin so I didn't even walk. I did, however, book another riverboat cruise in France for next April. The group we have traveled with from Amsterdam to Vienna and Antwerp to Basel are going to cruise Nice to Paris next year. We have plenty of time to get the particulars down now that we have picked out the dates. I also received prints from our Trail Run. Look at that determination!

For dinner on Wednesday, Ted smoked a turkey breast. He did a lot of reading, recipe gathering, phone calls to manufacturers, etc. to make sure he was doing this correctly. It cooked faster than we expected but it turned out great. I sent a note to Pat telling her of his success and thanked her again for giving the smoker to us. I shared some of the turkey with Gerre who is having company.

Today was the Newcomers Installation of Officers luncheon and they asked us to wear hats. I think this wedding thing is going to start a new trend here in the U.S. Everyone wore hats when I was young and all the ladies have one on in our wedding pictures from 1965. But that trend fell by the wayside as dressing became more casual. I won't mind a return to those days when you wore your "good" clothes to church on Sunday or out to dinner. I'm getting tired of looking at jeans with rips in them, pants hanging below someone's backside, skirts so short the girl can't raise her arms or bend over to pick something up. Hats are a good start.

At today's luncheon, a fashion show of outfits and matching hats was put on by Marcella M, who has been showcasing them since the 1940s. It was magnificent and the models looked like film stars from days gone by. Another thing of interest was how some of the hats were made out of ordinary things such as the pockets of a coat the hat was made to match. Very entertaining. It was fun to see so many ladies in all kinds of hats.

We have a busy weekend planned. We were scheduled to go to the Wind Down party but Ted was invited to participate in a sporting clay event that will probably include dinner. I was invited to Jeanette's so we opted out of Wind Down and will each do our own thing instead. Saturday is a surprise birthday party with dinner, dancing and swimming. I don't think we'll be doing much of the last two things. Sunday is our Dining Out group. I'm leaving my hat at home.

"It's a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself."

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Carol said...

I remember when I was younger we always wore a hat to church on Easter - that has also gone by the wayside. It would be nice to see a return of some of the things from "days gone by"!