Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm Going To Visit Mickey

We did really well in our 3K Trail Run on Saturday. It was through the woods and we had to watch for mud, horse droppings, tree roots and such. Based on our normal 12 minute kilometer pace, we gave ourselves about 35 minutes to complete the trail. How proud we were to see we did it in just under 30 minutes, right around the 10 minute per kilometer mark. We had coffee and a protein bar before the race and just grabbed a bottle of water after the race. It was only 9:30 when I arrived home.

Ted and I decided to run some errands which included going to two different banks and out to the KOA to pick up a bracelet Barbara had for me. We stopped at our favorite BBQ place for lunch. We went to church at 5 o'clock and then to play Canasta. What an awful night for cards. Instead of marking my score card Donna, I put Pitiful Pearl. It was that bad. This is the last time Vince and Susan will be hosting since their house is sold and they are moving in two weeks.

Ted told me he had plans over Memorial Day associated with two different gun clubs and wanted to know if there was somewhere he needed to be with me. I didn't have anything concrete set up so I told him no, to just do whatever. Then I got to thinking. Kara and family are visiting Kristin and they are all going to Disney World. What fun it would be if I could surprise Morgan and Sam.

It took a lot of internet searching but I finally booked my trip. Since I'm going on Delta with frequent flyer points I have to make a stop somewhere. I chose the flight that goes to Detroit and I will be on the same flight to Orlando as the kids. It's way out of the way to get from Houston to Orlando but it will be such fun to fly the second segment with the kids. Going home I'm going through Atlanta which makes more sense. Kristin and I will be at the Doubletree Lake Buena Vista and Kara, Allen, Sam and Morgan are at their timeshare at Old Key West on the Disney property. The last thing I had to do was order my 4-day ticket to visit the parks. I now have a file bigger than my last will and testament.

Of course Kara has all these reservations for meals made so she is scrambling trying to add me to them. Turning 5 into 6 isn't too big a deal at a restaurant. Few tables are just for 5. And of course she is making my T-shirts to wear so we all match all four days we are at the parks. I think it is Star War Days at Hollywood Studios on Friday, Epcot on Saturday and Magic Kingdom Sunday and Monday until they leave for home. I will spend two more nights at Kristin's before coming home on Wednesday.

We're getting close to our summer departure date and Chris is eager to come take up residence again. It's such a blessing to have him in the neighborhood and so willing to enjoy a place of his own even for a short period of time.

Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children (and grandchildren - DRR) ... Charles Swindoll.

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Carol said...

Have a super visit with your kids and grandkids! (Too bad we can't work it out that we could hook up while you are here since Disney is only about an hour and a half away from us - but I will still be working). Oh well, just keep it in mind IF you come down this way again.