Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's A Hit!

Here is the apron - and the finished product - cupcakes for her birthday class party today.

Today is also my other granddaughter Ally's 17th birthday and tomorrow my oldest daughter Kelly turns 45! Where have the years gone? I asked Ted if he would like to drop back to 1981, the year we moved to Michigan, and do those 30 years over. He said only if he knew then what he knows now. I think we all feel that way.

I took him to the airport yesterday morning and he arrived in Fort Lauderdale just fine. The airport there is huge now but when we lived in that area in 1971, it was almost an outpost. There was sort of a crescent shaped kiosk sort of thing and you had to walk on the tarmac for all flights. Times have changed.

Gerre and I took a new lady we met at the Newcomers lunch to the movies. She has just moved here and is trying to meet people. We had lunch at Berryhill and then saw The Bridesmaids. I wish the language hadn't been so rough but it was funny. Certainly not for children. I think it may become a Bachelorette party staple in the future.

I'm going to walk with Gerre in a half hour then I have a busy day. My last duty for Junior Forum this year will be two hours at the thrift store. Then I need to go to the grocery to get things for tonight's Canasta game here at my house. Maybe Ted left town just so he didn't have to deal with being gone all evening or getting stuck in the bedroom watching the smaller TV. It's much easier on him when I have ladies over during the day. The shooting range is always open then.

"A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride.” ~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

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