Saturday, May 7, 2011

Did You Know What A Fascinator Was Before the Wedding?

I finally had great cards Monday for three games of Canasta and then absolutely awful ones for the fourth so I didn't win again. If that one game had been even average I would have won. Such is life! At the house where we played the lady had plates, glasses, napkins and towels with a playing card logo. She even had chocolates shaped and wrapped like little playing cards. Quite festive for the occasion but I simply don't have room to store much stuff that is only used occasionally. But it sure was neat to see.

Tuesday Gerre and I walked early in the A.M. then I devoted the rest of the day to shopping and getting food ready for Thursday. Rebecca came to clean on Wednesday and Ted and I ate out because I had set up everything I needed to use on Thursday. Continental Breakfast starts at 10. By the time you get yourself ready and the bed made, people are arriving so there's not a lot of time in the morning.

About 35 ladies came and everyone has sent e-mails telling me what a good time they had. Usually it is over about noon but it was going on one before everyone was gone. I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up. I put the remaining pastries, cinnamon buns and chocolate cake in the freezer and called Rebecca to come get them for her kids. The fruit and yogurt we will eat. The quiche I can microwave a little at a time for my breakfast.

Friday was our Junior Forum installation luncheon. The creativity of this group never ceases to amaze me. Our incoming president is British. We were all asked to wear hats and out came the fascinators! Such fun. The skit was her "coronation" and she was escorted in wearing a purple cape and crown. The presentation of the incoming board was done as Damsel of Dimes for the Treasurer, Dame of Details for Secretary, etc. When all was done they placed a cowgirl hat on top of her crown. Just a little reminder that she's in Texas now! Our "mom" for the past year won Volunteer of the Year which made us all proud.

I received my certificate for having completed my provisional year along with a long stemmed rose. I won the centerpiece which was a teapot filled with roses. Those two things along with the mums I used on the center of my table on Thursday has given me a nice assortment of flowers to enjoy for Mother's Day.

Tonight is wine tasting and in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we are having Spanish wine. We were asked to bring tapas and dessert so I am making a flan. The Kentucky Derby is no big deal down here so there aren't many derby parties. Back in Ohio I'm sure there are many a mint julep being prepared for this afternoon's celebration.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. As Erma Bombeck said "it is the most important job I'll ever do and if I screw it up, nothing much else matters."

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Carol said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Donna - hope you enjoy your day! We don't have Derby parties here in Florida either - and I have to admit, I didn't even watch the race! Oh well, I love horses too much to see them possibly get hurt like what happened a couple of years ago. Enjoy your upcoming week - I look forward to reading about all your adventures!