Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Last Day In Indiana

I forgot to mention that on Monday while roaming around Elkhart we stopped to visit the RV/Motorhome Hall of Fame. It has a very good collection of very early camping trailers and motorhomes (called housecars back then). The concept remains the same after all these years - an area to sleep, cook, eat and some sort of bathroom facilities. I'm sure the engineers of those first units would be astounded at the rigs on the market today.

Today we went to the Shipshewana Flea Market, a huge place that is very popular. When we lived in Michigan there were lots of "field trips" to Shipshewana just to visit this market. We bought a couple things but didn't stay too long because Rick wanted to take the tour at Gulfstream Motorhomes in Nappannee. We received a cloth bag, a bottle of water and a pen as part of the tour. They were not in production today but it was interesting to learn it is and always has been family owned. Normally they would have about 500 employees, today they have about 100. The RV industry has been hit as hard as the auto industry. I noticed a note on the time clock that said they would be shut down until 7/17.

We came home and Rick grilled pork chops and I cleaned out my leftovers to make a meal. Afterwards we all did our "getting ready to leave" jobs. Rick and Brenda will stop to have their sofa removed and the new chairs and table installed. We'll take off and meet up with them in Utica, IL where we intend to spend the night before going on to Amana, Iowa on Thursday for four nights.

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