Friday, June 12, 2009

Days Without Ted

Kristin was glad to see Ted Monday night and was able to show off her new kitchen and all the things I did when I was there in March. In the meantime, I went back to Addison Oaks and spent the evening by myself. On Tuesday, Kara brought the kids out after school and they played at the playground, we took some walks and eventually went to the pizza place for dinner. I ordered a small salad and sure am glad I didn't ask for a large one. Portion control, folks!

Wednesday I drove in and picked up Cassie. She and I went to Somerset Collection to do her birthday shopping. She wanted her ears re-pierced so we did that first. Then we were looking for a mini-skirt. I knew this was going to be a delicate balance between what she wanted and what I and her Daddy thought was enough material to cover her backside. She found a black and yellow skirt, a yellow peasant blouse and a black and yellow scarf. It looked OK to me so I hope her Daddy thought so too.

I bought a jacket at Macy's to take on our Europe trip, we both bought Father's Day cards and we had lunch at the food court and both ate Chinese. I had to get her home because she had a doctor appointment and I was meeting Pat and Barb for dinner so I hung around Kara's until it was time to go.

Pat and Barb are friends that go back to my days at Voplex, a Tier Two auto injection molder. They went bankrupt in the early 90s but I don't think they would have survived the recent events up here anyway. I went from there to Hoechst Celanese until I left for Florida in 1996. We had another three hour dinner and it was good catching up.

I stayed at Kara's because I had to pick the kids up from school again on Thursday. I expected Ted in the evening and we were going to go back to the RV. However, my Mother's Day present was delivered. The whole top corner of the box was bashed in and sure enough the corner of the frame is busted. So today I have to stay here to wait for UPS to come to inspect the damage. Ted went home to sleep and will come back in when he gets ready. He'll bring my clothes so we can attend Ally's dance recital tonight.

This is a shadowbox containing the baptismal gown used by my three daughters and first two granddaughters. There is a plaque with all their names and baptismal dates. Unfortunately Ted gets no press. It says "Daughters and Granddaughters of Donna Maiden Name/Last Name. It was wrapped so securely it took Kara and me 15 minutes to get it unwrapped. The fact that the glass didn't break from such an impact is a testament to that. I've been to JoAnne's where she had it done and have an estimate. The first mat holding the dress and the border mat are OK. The third burgundy mat has a crinkle and of course the frame corner is smashed. Kristin insured it so we may as well try to get it fixed. It has to be inspected where it was delivered so we can't take it with us and deal with it later. It's always something.

We aren't allowed to take pictures while the dance routines are going on tonight so I hope Kelly has some from rehearsals that I can share. Nine costumes, wow!

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