Monday, June 8, 2009

Go Blue!

We left the park Thursday about 7:45 in a light drizzle but by the time we hit I-75 it stopped and we had a cool, dry day for the rest of the trip. The roads in Michigan are horrible. We bounced around worse than on I-10 in Louisiana. We arrived at the park about 2:45 so it took a bit longer than usual. We did stop for fuel once and at rest areas twice.

The campgound has new concrete and aluminum fire pits. They are so deep however that you need a bonfire if you want to see the flames. All we see from our neighbor’s fire is the smoke! Bonnie, our favorite workamper, was here in our circle visiting with some folks when we arrived and we said hello to her. Her husband Jerry stopped by later on to greet us. They spent the winter in San Antonio and Bandera, TX. The office told us the other workamper who always had a bag of 1015 onions from the Rio Grande Valley hanging from his rig passed away recently.

We set up, grilled some brats and took a walk around the park. It was 67 when we arrived and is going down into the 50s tonight. Sure hope the furnace is working OK after all that bouncing around. I think we’re going to need it.

We’ve seen deer, raccoons,rabbits and a woodchuck already. This is a very nice county park with lots of space at each site. The best part is the two parking spots for each campsite.

The furnace works! I had it set on 63 and it came on through the night. There will be times out west that we’ll need it so I’m relieved it is fixed.

Friday we went to Sam’s school at 2 pm for his cupcake and juice box birthday party with his classmates. After that, until school let out, the kids did a nature scavenger hunt outside so we just stayed with them until dismissal. Sam chose Olive Garden for his birthday dinner so we took everyone except Patrick who was flying in from Delaware.

This birthday celebration is a three-day affair so on Saturday we met everyone (including Patrick and Sam’s friend) at the movies to see Up. It’s a Pixar 3-D movie for kids but is actually a beautiful love story about love, life, loss and redefining yourself in old age. We seldom go to the movies and the $108 it cost collectively for the 11 tickets reminded me why.

Pat and Kelly had to leave right after the movie so Kara’s family plus Sam’s friend and we went to the Rainforest Café for dinner. Morgan is scared of the thunder so I had to hold her each time it started. One time she was at one of the aquariums when it started and she literally took a flying leap into my lap! We came back to the RV and sat outside until it started getting dark and turned too cool. Tomorrow is Day 3 of the birthday weekend!

Sunday we went to St. Andrews to Mass at 12:30. What a choir they have! It sounded like a rock concert as we approached the church. The music was more liturgical during the service but when we were exiting they went right back to the boisterous music.

The third day of celebrating was about to begin. Allen’s Mom and her husband were there as well as Kelly and family. The rest were young families that are their friends. We had lots of appetizers and then pizza and salad and MORE CAKE! I had cupcakes at school, ice cream cake after Olive Garden, flaming volcano at Rainforest Café and now a Star Wars cake. Weight Watchers tells you to eat birthday cake of only those people you love. If they knew my family they would change that.

We had an appointment today to register Ted for Medicare. We’ll wait until January to sign up for SS benefits when he enters his full retirement year. The rules change about what you can earn during the year you turn 66. I'm just waiting to take mine when he takes his.

We are at Kara's and I'm doing laundry. Ted had a Metro Car pick him up for the airport. He is flying to Orlando tonight, will spend the night with Kristin and drive to The Villages tomorrow to visit the newspaper. Tuesday evening he flies to Denver and will return here Thursday evening. He thinks he has at least one more trip to Dallas/Fort Worth and then hopefully he’ll be done for the summer.

It’s been cool here at night and the furnace comes on. It goes down into the 50s and it gets into the 60s in the RV. It sure is great sleeping weather. Then the days are in the 70s with hardly any humidity. Ahhhhhhhhh.


Rick and Brenda said...

We are leaving on Wed if all goes well. Will enjoy some cooler weather with low humidity.

Juju and Harry said...

I so enjoy your pictures of family and friends. My boys will be with us for thier birthday and they have made thier request for cake and dinner. I can't wait to see them.

y'all be safe