Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The End of our Week in Cincinnati

Karen and Ron picked us up and drove to Todd and Ann's in Milan. They have nine acres with a pond, some chickens and four horses.

It sure takes a lot to keep the grounds, animals, barns and house up and running. We had a good meal and visit with them all. When I was in school, many parties were held in my basement where we had a jukebox. During my time in Cincinnati, many people have mentioned this. Well here is a picture of that jukebox now residing in Indiana.

Their son Nick called from the Air Force base in California where he is stationed. He is homesick and wanted to talk to all six of us. I took some pictures of the new puppy so I can e-mail them to him.

Today we shopped and now have 10 lbs. of goetta which we'll share with Kara. We also bought some Skyline Chili and Stegner's turtle soup. I didn't get a Frisch's Big Boy while I was here so my Taste of Cincinnati fell one taste short. My scale will be glad to learn I have no specific cravings for any Michigan food.

Tonight was the St. Bonnie's grade school dinner. Both Donnas, Cookie, John (lone male), Mary, Diane and Betty all attended. We were expecting at least four more but they didn't show. This was my first chance to see Betty though we've kept in touch recently through Facebook. I enjoy these visits so much.

We do have a bit of travel news. We committed today to another European Riverboat Cruise in October. We enjoyed the Amsterdam to Vienna one we took three years ago. This one starts with three days in Bruege, Belgium and ends in Basil, Switzerland. We'll travel through The Netherlands, Germany and France also. It will be just short of three weeks. Two of Ted's brothers and wives are going along with the fellow in Chicago who put the last cruise group together, a friend of his and another couple we met on the last cruise who are from up East.

That's all the news thats fit to print from Cincinnati. If all goes as planned, we'll be pulling out by 8 am and should get to the county park in Leonard, Michigan by early afternoon.

Til then ....

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