Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And Life Goes On In Our Sorrow

We moved the RV from one site to another so we can leave it here at Grand Lake/St. Marys until Sunday. Brenda and Rick are heading to Indiana on Friday and we are driving to Elyria, OH, will stay in a hotel with family, and then drive back Saturday after the funeral Mass and receptions. We'll go on to Indiana on Sunday after church.

We had a great time at the family reunion. Friday night we all gathered in the lodge/on the deck/in the pool at the West Bank Villas. Saturday morning was a kids' fishing tournament and Morgan won the 5 and under age group by catching TWO fish! Sam also caught two but Amanda caught six in his age group.

There was a golf tournament on Saturday, swimming in the pool and a corn hole tournament all going on at the same time. That evening 131 of us gathered for dinner.

The golf champs!

We celebrated two 50-year anniversaries. Both Charlotte & Charles and Karen & Ron reached this milestone this year. I was in Karen's wedding and was 14 at the time. I had a sheet cake made to honor the occasion.

After dinner there was karaoke and card playing while much visiting was going on.

On Sunday after church, Kelly & Kara and families came to the RV for breakfast before heading to Michigan. When they left we went to the Mercer County Fairground to watch the last run at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Todd, Ann and Vicki all had a perfect run, not missing any balloons. We left there and all met up at Dan's for some Skyline Chili.

On Monday, 11 of us went on a boat ride around Grand Lake. Dan brought his pontoon boat over to the campground. Karen, Ron, Sue and Sydney were with him and he picked up us, Rick & Brenda and Stella & Jay. We took about a two hour ride and then returned to the campground for a cook out.

Jay and Stella left for Texas this morning. After their departure we all got haircuts, did some shopping and moved the trailer. We ate at home tonight and the guys are going golfing in the morning. The weather is getting warmer.

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jillquilts said...

Wow! 131?!?! That is a LARGE family reunion! Sounds like everyone had a blast!