Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things and Away We Go

Kara bought a Cinderella sundress for Morgan to wear when they go to Disney World in July. It has spaghetti straps and hung low from her shoulders so the straps needed to be shortened and I told Kara I would do that. When she put on the dress, I pulled the straps up and asked Morgan just where did she want it to hit. Now remember, she is five years old and weighs all of 37 lbs. She looked down at herself and said "Grandma, I just don't want my nickles to show. Cinderella will get scared and run into the bathroom." I hope you are laughing as hard as I did.

I waited all day Friday for someone from UPS to come and inspect my shadowbox damage. Instead, a driver came to "pick up the package." When I told him I needed an inspection, I had no package to pick up, he took off and I was back to square one. UPS finally agreed that I can take it home and have it inspected in Texas in September.

We left Kara's early so we could get a bite before the dance recital. Ally was magnificant. OK, I know I'm her Grandma but she is really, really good. Once again Patrick danced with her in the Dad/Daughter dance. Their music was a medley of Michael Jackson tunes and the whole audience was on their feet. It was great. I pulled the first three photos off her Facebook page. I took a picture of the nine costumes that had to be taken home and brought back on Saturday! And of course Grandpa presented her with a dozen pink roses.

It's become a tradition to go to Big Boy after the recital so nine of us did just that. Ted and I only had a diet drink since we had eaten beforehand.

Ted went to Detroit's Sportsmen's Congress to shoot Saturday and later we went to Mass at Sacred Heart with Kara's family and then to Max & Erma's for dinner. Afterwards we walked around a new Village Shopping Area and the kids played at several mini-playgrounds. It's new since we left the area and was very nice.

We left Michigan at 7:30 this morning and arrived in Mt. Eaton, OH around 12:30. We had our truck and rig weighed and then were led to our site. Rick and Brenda were two rigs in front of us so we all spent some time getting set up. We walked the park, played a game of corn hole and then went to the catered dinner. Afterwards there was a magician and a campfire. The rally is on!

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OK, I am catching up on blog posts. I got way behind!!

That was too cute! I was laughing, too!