Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Feel Like A Drunken Sailor!

I have good wi-fi! Hooray! Now I can post all those pictures I promised.

The first is the remains of St. Cruser (I know! I never heard of him/her either!) but it shows the red ribbons and red wax with the church seals very well. Next are the three altars laden with relics in the Shrine of the Holy Relics Chapel. The altars were carved by a Cincinnati company. The stained glass windows in the chapel came from Munich, Germany. The third photo is Brenda praying at the Sacred Heart shrine.

Next is a picture of what remains of Fort Recovery in Ohio.

These are examples of the quilt murals painted throughout the area on the Heritage Trail in the Indiana Amish country and one of the quilt gardens planted to match a specific quilt pattern. This one is Dove at the Window.

And finally here is a picture taken at Brian's funeral of Ted with his remaining siblings in the order of their birth - Tom, (Tim died 2/2008), Terry, Ted, Peg, Dan, Kevin and Kathy. This is the first time they've all been together since Tim's funeral. What a bittersweet weekend it was.

I didn't take a photo at the RV/MH Hall of Fame. I took a video by mistake so I have no pictures of the old RVs.

We traveled to Utica, IL today from Howe, IN. We are here overnight and will head to Amana Colonies, Iowa in the morning. We'll stay there until Monday, July 6 and enjoy the 4th of July weekend there.

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