Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family and Friends

My niece Jill came for a visit on Sunday evening. We opted for a trip to LaRosa's for dinner and the pizza was great. I had salad when I went for lunch so I was ready for this hometown treat. Jill reminds us of our daughter Kristin. They both have all that curly hair, are the same age, live alone in their own homes and both have two pets. Jill has dogs and Kristin has cats; however, both have one named Maisie! Jill is a quilter and makes beautiful things. I saw the placemats she made for Grandma Edna when we were in Florida last time. I admire any talent and she certainly is talented with fabric, scissors and needle.

We sat at the picnic table and watched the ducks, fish and frogs in the lake. I took another picture because the trees reflected in the smooth surface and it looked so tranquil. Ted got his binoculars out and we took turns looking at a mother duck and her babies. The three of us had a good visit.

Monday was laundry day for me and a luncheon for Ted. He dropped me off at my sister Karen's to use her washer and dryer then left to meet the Enquirer retirees group for lunch. After getting the first load into the dryer, Karen and I went to lunch and did a bit of shopping. Meanwhile Ted had a great visit with a large group of guys he worked with when we lived in Cincinnati. He was able to visit with them last year also. Afterwards he picked up me and the clean laundry at Karen's and we came home to dress for dinner.

Judy and Joe were the best man and maid of honor in our wedding 44 years ago. Last year when we saw them she was in the throes of recovering from surgery and chemo. We were both so happy to see her looking so well. She said she is doing fine. We went to Willie's at Hidden Valley Lake across the road from our campground. We chose to eat on the patio overlooking the lake. Of course dinner was four and a half hours long! We could easily have visited longer but it was getting late. We passed about a dozen deer on the way down the hill back to the campground entrance.

Today we're going to my nephew's home in Milan, Indiana with Karen and Ron. Last November's blog shows us attending Todd and Ann's son's graduation from Lackland AFB basic training and the June blog shows them participating in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. They have four horses so I hope to take some good pictures.

Our time here is growing short. We'll be moving on to Michigan on Thursday.

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Juju and Harry said...

Hey Ms Donna you will enjoy Virginia City easy to find and fun to visit.
Keep up with the blog love reading about your adventure's