Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What an End to Today

Today was our Amish pastry breakfast. It was raining so we donned our ponchos and went to the pavilion. A great selection of wonderful goodies was set up on two tables along with coffee. We stayed until it was time for the Tire Seminar. Ted stayed and I came back to the RV. UPS had called Kara and was still asking about inspecting the package. I called and was instructed to send specific pictures. It took four e-mails to send them on since their mailbox only holds a few at a time. I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy about a quick resolution to this.

After the seminar and the picture sending we took a ride to Mt. Hope to get the last clue for our scavenger hunt. Then we went to Lehman's Hardware in Kidron so the guys could see it. They had a very informative video on the Amish people. Ted and I watched the whole film. I took several pictures of the buggies but have continued to respect the Amish peoples' request not to photograph them.

Lehman's carries all the propane and wood appliances that Amish use. The Stove section looked like a museum to me. There is great variety beyond electric refrigerators and ranges.

Tonight was the dinner theater at Amish Door Restaurant and Village. Right before we were to leave, the news broke in that a funnel cloud was spotted right where this restaurant is. We decided to wait until the storm moved on.

We had a very good dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes instead of the broasted chicken and buttered noodles I was expecting. I had to bring my pie home because I was too full.

The play started and about 15 minutes into it the hostess stopped the play and directed us to the interior hallway. It was then we heard the sirens. We ended up in the hallway leading off the kitchen. They opened all the doors along that hallway and we ended up in the employee men's bathroom. I was leaning up against the urinal! I'm going to be on Ricks' blog tomorrow because he took my picture!! After an all clear we were able to return to the dining room and see the rest of the play.

We had no problems here at the campground. We were safer at the restaurant than we would have been here in the RV. I hope the bad weather clears out before the weekend.

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jillquilts said...

I'm glad that you didn't have to deal with tornados and that you were in a safer place than the RV! How awful!!