Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Three - Still Busy

Ted went for coffee again this morning with the Mayor and I took my time getting dressed and straightening up. I took a picture of the Amish farm right behind us in the next field. The Amish farms here are just beautiful.

He decided to wash the truck and trailer (so what else is new?) so Brenda and I decided we would go by ourselves to buy the chicken legs I needed for tonight's potluck.

We went to a small market in Mt. Eaton but they didn't have a meat department so we headed to Kindron. They told us to go to the Country Market but we passed Gerber's Poultry and decided to try there. I was able to buy Fresh Amish Chicken and they even iced it down for me. We put it in Brenda's hot/cold bag and continued on into town.

We came to a building that said Mennonite MCC Thrift Store. We speculated that maybe it meant Mennonite Country Club but we doubted it. But we decided to go in anyway. One half was a quilting/weaving area and the other was the thrift store. It was as neat and tidy as any department store you could enter. I so wanted to take a picture of about a dozen older Amish women hand quilting a single large quilt. I know they don't like their picture taken so I respected that and took just the quilt when they left for lunch.

The lady at the rug loom talked to us and said it was OK to take her picture and the other non-Amish ladies that were quilting. It was fascinating to watch them work.

We left there and went to Lehman's Hardware. This store has everything you can imagine. I was looking for a soup tureen but the only one I found was made in China and I just wouldn't buy it.

We came home, had lunch and then went to play bingo. I think I was playing a game called "see how many numbers you can cover and still not bingo!" I never won a single game. Brenda won one. I had to come home to get my chicken ready for the oven and she took a nap.

The organizers came around to take our picture for the CD that is being made so we put on our cowboy hats to identify us as part of the Texas Boomers. We also have Amish hats (long story) so we went with Rick and Brenda to the buggy that is here and took pictures of each other. I also took a picture of a real bear (dead) that is in the game room. He was shot in Alaska and there are pictures but I don't know the connection between the hunter and the campground.

Dinner was unbelievably good. They needed four tables for all the food. My chicken legs and Rick's sausage were all gone and that's a good sign.

After dinner, Jungle Terry came in his Land Rover and showed us his animals. He had a great personality and was really enjoyable. Ted is holding a corn snake and the python was a big hit with everyone.

After all that there was the movie RV with Robin Williams complete with popcorn and a campfire. Rick never stayed, I left after the dump station scene but Brenda and Ted stayed to watch the whole thing. I can only take so much stupidity and that movie hit it early on.

We have another big day tomorrow. More on that when it happens.


Juju and Harry said...

OMG what pretty quilts I do regret not learning this special trade. We are now in ID meet up with our friends will be here a week they have lots plan for us will try and catch up soon

be safe and have fun juju

Anonymous said...


Thoroughly enjoyed reading your travel-log. I felt I was right along with you.

So, your craving Skyline Chili, Frisch's Big Boys, goetta, Willie's. Forgot White Castles, United Dairy Farmers malts, and who knows what else. When our Air Force son comes home he has to get up to Eastgate area (on St. Rt. 32,, ust off I-275) where the Skyline Chili, White Castle and UDF is located in a triangle. Its a wonder he doesn't get sick. Skyline Chili is the first fast food he wanted, so he called me to meet him in Mt. Orab, Ohio for chili. Was a 30 mile one way trip! There is now a LaRosa's there.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your adventures. Oh! There are Amish communities near us in West Union, Ohio and Mays Lick, Ky. We go to Miller's Bulk Foods in West Union. Neat place.

Told my hudband about Maria Stein, and he googled it, and he is now interested in going up there. We do lots of trips with his brother and wife.

Be safe.


jillquilts said...

Oh man!! I wish that you had gotten some more detailed shots of the quilts. Those were gorgeous!! I'm glad that you went in there and could share what you did!! I'm sure the views of the land and farms was just amazing!