Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back in Business

God bless the Geek Squad. After exhausting everything I knew how to do, we took the camera and computer to Best Buy. In less than a minute the young fellow had spotted a corrupted driver in the Canon Utilities and had it fixed. And no charge! What a relief. The blog without pictures while we tour such beautiful areas of the country was unthinkable.

So here's the Jelly Belly motorhome that pulled out this morning. The second picture is the red Jelly Belly in the driver's seat.

The next picture is, as promised, Donna, Cookie, Donna, Donna! We've been friends since kindergarten in 1950. We attended St. Bonaventure School K-8 and then Mother of Mercy High School 9-12. The last Donna and I then went to work at Procter & Gamble. I left to move to Michigan in 1981 and she retired in 2002 I believe.

You all know Ted washes the trailer every time we stop if he can and this time was no different. He paid particular attention to our picture window because we have such a nice view of the lake, our picnic table, a fire ring and flower garden.

Yesterday afternoon we went to St. Joseph's Church for 4:30 Mass. As we pulled into the parking lot Ted's sister Kath and her husband Mike walked by on their way into church. I got out to wait with them while Ted parked. We looked down the street and his brother Kevin and his wife were walking up the street. So all six of us went to Mass together with absolutely no planning!

Afterwards we went to the clubhouse where they live for dinner and were joined by his other sister Peg and her husband Dave. Their oldest daughter stopped by to say hello and after dinner we went to Peg & Dave's for some Graeter ice cream. So I managed to have some of that too without even trying.

I've been sleeping really well in this cooler weather. It's such a simple pleasure - a good night's sleep - but you don't appreciate it until you don't have it. Isn't that the way most things in life are? You don't miss it until you don't have it anymore.

There's a lesson in there somewhere!

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hey guys you look great.
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