Monday, February 1, 2016

Summer in Texas in January

The weekend sort of got away from me.  I try to write a bit each day but here it is Monday and we are both wracking our brains trying to remember Friday!

We remember having lunch with Sue and Niles one day but can't remember which day!  What we do remember is shooting practice at the range and in the evening attending the performance of Goldwing Express at a neighboring park.  They are quite entertaining and excellent string instrument musicians.  Their featured performer was Ronald Rump twin brother of Donald Trump in a comedy skit.

Saturday was another competition at our gun range.  It took three hours due to the set up of stations, the first of which was 25 consecutive shots.  Most folks don't have enough magazines to shoot 25 straight.  I have three 10s but my gun continues to jam which is frustrating because the clock keeps running.  Until that problem gets resolved I am not shooting in any more timed competition, I will just practice at the gun range.  Ted came in first but he shot his 22 rifle.  Mixing gun types to me is comparing apples to oranges but I'm not in charge!

We learned Fr. Roy's brother died when we went to church Saturday.  He did not say Mass but was participating in the Citrus Fiesta Parade.  The Our Lady of Guadalupe float won second prize.  Fr. Roy rides on horseback, not on the float.  One of these years we are going to watch the parade!

We were invited to join a group going to a Chinese buffet but we don't do Chinese if we can help it.  We begged off, ate at home after church, and then did our usual card bingo at Bentsen Palms and once again won nothing, didn't even get close!  

Sunday was absolutely glorious.  McAllen set a record high of 94!  Ted shot skeet with Don and Dave in the morning and then we drove to Dave and Karen's to go to the flea market with them.  Ted bought a Texas shirt and Grapefruit knife while I bought some cards and preserves.  We then went on a hunt for a screw starter but never did find one.

Eventually we went back to their park and played three games of shuffleboard.  The men won 2 to 1 and I convinced Dave I threw the last game so he would buy me an ice cream.  So off to Dairy Queen we went!  When we dropped them off Ted picked a dozen grapefruits off their tree and then we headed home.  

I went to the grocery on Monday and Eileen, Tom, Lee and Ira arrived next door in my absence.  By the time I returned and put the groceries away it was time for my yoga class.  We always finish in relaxation mode and today I mentally went to the Hilton Waikoloa on the big island because she said go to your favorite happy place.  I really enjoy these classes.

Ted and I were just getting ready to drive next door when the new arrivals pulled into our drive.  We invited them in and after a short visit we took them to see our gun range, the Rio Grande River and ended up at the Riverside Club for dinner.  The service wasn't very good but we didn't mind because the food was good and we were having a good time catching up.  We came home and I was late starting to watch The Bachelor.

Tuesday I had a meeting regarding our upcoming Tapa Hoppa, a progressive cocktail party of sorts.  So far I know we will have two margarita carts, tequila shot bar, Sangria bar, mini tacos, skewer chicken, cheese and crackers and desserts.  There are a couple more groups that did not attend and I don't know what they plan.  The Wild Bunch Women (shooters) are responsible for desserts so JoAnne and I will handle that.

When I got back home we decided to go to Sam's to price desserts because I need to get an estimate to Bonnie within the week.  Eileen and Lee went with us.  Later in the afternoon we were due at the clubhouse for a Happy Hour followed by a Potato Bake.  We ran into Linda, Bruce, Paula and Gary and ended up eating our loaded potato with them.  The desserts were neat!  It was sorbet but the coconut was in a half coconut shell; pineapple sorbet was in a half small pineapple and mango/passion fruit was in a half orange.  I don't know what they did to the "dishes" to keep them hard but the sorbet was good and the presentation great.  They are packaged individually and are sold at Costco.  What a neat dessert for a luau!

Wednesday I thought I was abandoned.  Ted went skeet shooting, Tom and Ira went to the flea market to order an awning shade and Eileen and Lee planned to go to Mah Jong.  My phone rang and it was Stella telling me the Ron Hoover Burger lunch was today and asked if we were going.  I didn't have it on my calendar but I entertained the idea of driving over on my own.  Before I had time to make a decision, Eileen and Lee showed up before Mah Jong started and wanted me to go sign up for the Valentine's dinner and take them to see Trudy's coach house.  After that I drove them home and then went to HEB and Dollar General.  

Ted and I arrived home about the same time.  After a bite for lunch we hit the gun range to see if different bullets and a newly cleaned gun would not jam.  I ran about 60 bullets through.  It jammed a time or two but I was able to clear it and continue on.  Friday's competition is not a timed event so I am going to shoot.  

We were invited to dinner at Eileen's but it was Shooter Alley night.  I told Ted to go on and I would go to Eileen's.  I made ranch roasted potatoes to take over.  Ira lit his propane fire pit and we sat around it after dinner for awhile until I came home.  Ted came in about an hour later just as I was getting in the shower.

Tomorrow is ladies breakfast, trip to Mexico and Hand and Foot cards in the evening.  And the beat goes on.

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