Thursday, January 28, 2016

Annie Oakley Live

Wednesday was rainy so we just hung around the house.  Two ladies came by to ask Ted if he would take them to the gun range and teach them how to shoot clay birds.  They did not know what skeet, trap and sporting clays are.  He explained our gun range is just a clay bird thrower and they agreed that would be enough for them to learn about safety, the gun and taking aim.  He agreed they can go down when Sue and I go and practice and use my gun.

Later we left for Shooter's Alley for a bite to eat before Tactical Shooting started.  I had two good runs but my gun jammed on the first run and by the time I got it unjammed I was over 80 seconds and didn't take the second shot on the target where the jam occurred.  I had 15 "A" shots and a miss.  I didn't miss it, I simply didn't take the shot in the confusion.

My second run went smoothly but I didn't see my scores.  I scored better overall than Ted in hits but came in with two folks behind me (still not last) and Ted's time was way better than mine putting him way in front of me.  My second run was 40 seconds.  I hope my time gets better as I get more comfortable with all the rules and they become second nature.  I still have to tell myself - finger off the trigger, gun ALWAYS pointed down range, never turn around holding the gun, don't wave it around when picking up your magazine, etc.  Ted told me the Safety Officer told Billie to change her magazine after 9 shots so there is one in the chamber and you can start shooting again as soon as the magazine is in instead of having to chamber one.  I will practice that at our gun range first.  

Our first run, probably about 7 yards back.  The second run was more like 15 yards.  You get a penalty if you shoot the black or white.  You can't tell but the white target has the A space in brown in the middle.

Pat videotaping JoAnne during her perfect run of 16 "A" shots.

Our Wild Bunch, some shooting with their fingers (a no no in schools nowadays) and the un-PC "hands up, don't shoot" pose.

And a stop at Dairy Queen finished the night.

Thursday mornings are always Ladies Breakfast.  This week was Cracker Barrel and I drove Marisa and Lenchen.  We had a good crowd and I enjoyed the American breakfast without tortillas, refried beans, migas, etc.  I can always find scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes, etc. at the Mexican restaurants but lots of the ladies like the other.

In the afternoon I went to Linda's and she went over the Hand and Foot differences from Canasta.  I play Canasta and played Hand and Foot once at a HitchHiker rally in Nashville.  I think I can join the group here with no problem.

The helicopters are circling which means the Border Patrol is playing Hide and Seek with some illegals who have made it across the river.  Ted thought they were going to land at the end of our street.  He questioned the need to get his AR out to help them out.

I went outside to take a photo of the helicopter and right after this first photo, he landed in the field at the end of our street.

Of course a group gathered.  We saw an agent walking along the fence.  He told us a van of illegals rolled over on a road down the way.  They had all the illegals but the coyote driver got away.  All they want to do when they get this close is to keep on going because we are surrounded by Border Patrol so we don't get too concerned.  And then the helicopter took off.

Our excitement for Thursday.  It will probably be more than exciting than tonight's debate.

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