Thursday, February 4, 2016

And the Great Weather Continues

We continue to have cold nights, great for sleeping, and really warm days, great for being outside.

I was up early to get dressed for my pick up of the ladies for our breakfast outing.  Joanne, Lenchen, Eileen and Lee were my passengers.  We had a nice breakfast with 5 other ladies and returned home about 10:30.  The dentist had called Ira and told him the piece he needs for his implant has still not arrived so he shouldn't keep his 2 pm appointment.  But we decided to go to Mexico anyway.

Ted drove all of us in my Expedition and we had a lovely time in the sunshine.  We did stop by the dentist to see if there was any news and then continued on meandering the main shopping street of Progreso.  We bought some more meds, mostly analgesic cream that we both use for our aches and pains plus Z Paks for folks back home.  Ted had returned a belt that didn't wear well while Ira bought two belts and a tooled leather purse for his sister they will see as they leave Texas at the end of the month.

We each had a small bag of things as we headed back through Customs.  None of us had any problems re-entering the U.S.  It was late in the afternoon so we all agreed an early dinner was in order.  It was just the right time to get into Chedder's with no waiting.  The food there is really good and reasonably priced.  Except for 3 chicken tenders, everything got eaten.  I had grilled catfish that was really good.

I intended to play cards in the evening but I was just too tired when it came time to go.  So I stayed home.

Friday we had shooting competitions in the afternoon.  The first was a dartboard target and I scored 156 beating Ted's 144.  I was second, he was third!  He used my gun to shoot.

Then we shot at the back of a deck of cards.  Whichever 5 cards you hit made up your hand.  The best poker hand won.  I had a pair of 4s and Ted had a pair of 3s.  But the winner had a straight so neither of us won in that contest.  For my efforts I won $6, the exact amount Ted paid for me to shoot.

We came home and I made a Caesar salad and Ted went for a loaf of French bread.  We were invited next door to Robert and Sherry's for jambalaya.  There were 10 of us in all.  After dinner Robert built a fire in his fireplace and all the ladies started singing songs learned in elementary school, at camp and in Girl Scouts.  It is amazing how many words of those songs we remembered especially since we can all walk into a room and not remember what we went in for.  Eventually the group broke up and we came home.

Saturday morning I was picked up at 10:30 by Sharon, Sherry and Karyl to go to Leisure Time park clubhouse.  We were volunteering two hours to bag meals for Kids Against Hunger.  We donned plastic gloves and hairnets and waited for someone on the four lines to raise their hand indicating they wanted to be replaced.  My first job was to open and place a plastic bag below a funnel.  Then a scoop of protein powder was put in followed by a scoop of dehydrated vegetables.  Next was soy nuggets of some sort and finally a cup of rice.  I then removed the bag and handed it to the man opposite me who passed it to the "weighers."  They added or removed rice to make it an exact weight.  It was then sealed, stacked, packed and taped.  Each package makes a protein rich rice casserole of 6 servings.

I worked 11-12:00 opening the plastic bags (with plastic gloves on!) before putting it under the funnel but I didn't know then if we were signed up for a second hour.  I raised my hand to be replaced so I could check in with my carpool.  Sharon said we were staying for the second hour so my next assignment was to place 18 finished bags on a grid, place a second bag on top of them and when I had 36 ready a gentleman packed them in cartons, called for the taper and we began again.

We filled 5400+ bags they told us.  A little short of the 6000 jars of peanut butter we did back home for third world countries.  The time flew by and by 1:30 I was home.

We picked up Eileen, Tom, Lee and Ira for church at 3:30.  When we arrived there were very few seats available and we sat apart.  Ira does not attend church normally but said he would go every week to hear Fr. Roy.  We went to a Mexican restaurant afterwards and had dinner.  Ira and Lee are not familiar with Mexican menus so I had to help them out.  There were no quesadillas, chimichangas or burritos on the menu.  I remember Jaime, our Mexican exchange student, saying that what we call Mexican food is not what they eat in Mexico.  We get pretty authentic Mexican down here.

We ended up back at their park for Card Bingo.  Lee won $8 in the dime game and our partner, Wendy, won about $30 in the $1 game.  There were three winners so she had to split the pot.  We of course, once again, never even got close!

Ted is driving to Houston today after shooting skeet with David.  Don is helping Bentsen Palm Woodworkers get ready for their pig roast and isn't shooting.  Ted has a Monday morning meeting at the Chronicle followed by a lunch and then will come home.  It is about a 350 mile drive each way.  This happens on occasion and we just do what needs to be done.  I have been left in St. Louis, Albuquerque, Sandestin FL, in the park by the kids in Michigan, etc.  It is usually one night, sometimes two.  It gives me time to clean the rig, do laundry, shop, etc. with no timetable since I only need to take care of myself.  And this time I have my car instead of his big truck!!!

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