Friday, February 19, 2016

Another Weekend Coming Up

Thursday was the annual Mobile Suites luncheon put on by Elk City RV out of Oklahoma.  It was advertised as $10 for lunch but when we arrived we were told the bill was being picked up by that dealership.  Nice Touch!  There were four couples from Retama in attendance.  

A brisket and chicken buffet was provided and the food was great!  Afterwards, Alicia, who works at Elk City RV, spoke and answered questions from the floor.  She was so honest!  She asked herself "Is the furniture any better?"  And answered herself "No."  The quality of the coach may be as good as our two HitchHikers but the furniture certainly isn't.  What was leather in them is Naugahyde or something similar in the Mobile Suites.  Apparently I am not the only one who noticed.

We have had difficulty with oil spinning out of reservoirs on our tire hubs and Ted has to check and fill them on occasion.  He asked if there was a fix for that.  Alicia said they are removing them and replacing them with grease instead so now we have an Elk City RV stop on our summer route through Oklahoma.  I asked about the inability to open the bottom freezer when the coach is in storage.  When the slide closes, it is smack dab up against the freezer handle so you can't leave it open at all.  They recommended balled up newspaper inside to absorb moisture and a piece of foam in the door, enough to keep the door from closing tight and sealing.

At the end they drew for door prizes of a throw with the DRV insignia, two shirts with the insignia and two $100 bills.  Bob, Bentsen Palm's boat captain who had taken us on our boat ride on Tuesday, won one of the $100 bills.

We called Eileen on our way home because we were going to stop next door and get the things she bought for me in Mexico.  They were right behind us and were going to Riverside Club to eat because Tom won't eat in Mexico.  We met up with them there and just had a drink while they ate.  We returned home and I put my PJs on.  Eileen texted and asked  if we wanted to come over for Game Night but we declined.  We were in for the night.

Friday afternoon we all played Mexican Train in our coach house and I won.  Then we left for Dirty Al's restaurant that opened in McAllen.  We eat there when we go to South Padre Island so we were anxious to see this new version.  Being Friday in Lent made it a good time to give it a try.  Even arriving around 5:30, there was a wait so we sat at the bar and decided to partake of their $3 margaritas.  Dinner was great and the ambiance is lovely.  Our waiter was so accommodating and made our meal even more enjoyable.

Ira finally went to Mexico Saturday and had his implant tooth put on the post he had implanted in the U.S.  It was $700 in Mexico versus $2500 here.  It looks very natural and he was pleased.  While they all were in Mexico, Ted and I shot in a Connect the Dots shoot and a mystery game that was shooting bowling pins off the stand.  I was tied for third (14) behind Jim (25) and Ted (18) but then some guy who shot a zero bought another target and shot 28 knocking us both down a peg and out of the money.

I was going to back out of the mystery game when I learned what it was because I doubted a .22 had enough oomph to knock the pin over.  Niles told me to aim for the skinny part and not the body so I did.  It took me 62 seconds and 12 shots to knock them off.  That included clearing a jam and a reload of a new magazine.  However, Robert won in 6 seconds with no gun issues.  Ted took 15 seconds using Robert's gun.  He didn't want to use the .22 either but hadn't taken his 9 mm.  

Lunch was served and I was pleased with my shooting.  I certainly have a long way to go but the middle of the pack is okay for now.

Church was at 4:00 and then we headed to Ace's BBQ again before going to the Janie Fricke/T G Shepherd/Moe Bandy concert at the Pharr Event Center.  

They put on a great show that lasted over 3 hours and was marred only by the four young fellows at the next table who had polished off six buckets of beer and got noisier as the night went on.  We did our best to ignore them but I hope they didn't drive home.

Sunday was Eileen's birthday and after visiting the Art in the Park projects at Bentsen Palm Village, we headed to Rancho El Charco.   When we arrived there were Indian dances being performed.

After that the regular music started.

When we told the waitress it was Eileen's birthday she brought her a shot of tequila which Eileen tossed back with no problem!

We spent the better part of the afternoon there drinking margaritas and eating chips and salsa.  Ted and I danced a few times.  Several couples from Retama were there and Mary Catherine and Mary came over to say hello.  We decided to leave there and get some food because the drinks were hitting us ladies.  We stopped at their small petting zoo and picked up the baby goats.  Ted tried to hand one to Lee who is terrified of any animal and she tripped over a rock and landed on her backside.  She wasn't hurt and we couldn't stop laughing. She kept saying Eileen knocked her down.

We ended up at BJ's where we all had dinner and then returned to Lee and Ira's motorhome where a birthday cake awaited Eileen.  I don't think Eileen will forget her 72nd birthday and Lee won't forget Rancho El Charco.

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