Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Won in the Super Bowl Pool!

Ted shot with Dave on Sunday morning and when he returned I drove him to the airport to pick up a rental car for his trip to Houston.  On my way home I stopped at the nail salon for a manicure.  When I arrived home I sorted the laundry and headed next door.  Eileen was waiting at the laundry room to visit with me.  The change machine was empty so she went home and got me $5 in quarters.  But then there were no washing machines available.  So we took both bags to the laundry in the back.  When we went back in half an hour there were no dryers so we had to take the wet clothes back to the front!  What a pain. 

After 45 minutes we went back to fold the clothes and there was a dark gray towel, two dark gray washcloths, two beige towels, a red mesh bag and a turban twist in with my dark clothes.  We have no idea where they came from but the added clothes kept some of my clothes from drying.  I threw the stuff that wasn't mine back into the dryer and hope whoever it belongs to finds it.  I had to lay some things out around the RV to finish drying.  What a production!

I was invited to three different places to watch the Super Bowl but was tired and just wanted to stay home. 

However, Ted had bought one $5 square for himself and five $1 squares for me in the pool.  That interested me.  At the end I figured Denver was going to score a point and ruin my last chance but ran it in for two points giving me a $25 win!

I cleaned thoroughly on Monday morning and just as I was heading to the shower there was a knock.  It was Jim with my $25.  After being caught in my PJs previously by Niles and then Robert and now Jim I have decided I need better PJs!

It was Ladies Lunch Out and I was riding with Dale, Coco and Dale's stepdaughter who is visiting from the DC area.  Lunch was at a new restaurant and was very, very good.  The service was excellent and I had a nice time.  We returned at 2:15 and I had to be at yoga at 3:00.  Eva, our instructor, is going to extend our classes into March!

I had Ted's leftover taco for dinner and settled in to watch The Bachelor.  Two drama queens were sent home and now we are getting down to the nitty gritty.  The set up of events is very evident this season and makes the show less interesting, not more.

Ted arrived home about 8:30 and life again was normal.  I accomplished a lot while he was gone but I am glad he is home.

Tuesday we all rode to Rio Grande City.  It is a very old town and dates back to when both sides of the river belonged to Mexico.  In the late 1840's Fort Ringgold was built to protect the new state of Texas.  Today the entire Fort grounds are owned by the school district and is in use as a school.  Amazing!   We were able to visit the restored R. E. Lee house.  From the pictures they had before they started the renovation, they did a marvelous job.  This is the restored chimney and mantelpiece.

We were driven all around the town on a tram and saw the old, the new, the renovated, none of which had much rhyme or reason.  We stopped at a replica of the grotto at Lourdes, France built in 1928.  

There was also a mural painted by a local artist that incorporated the entire town's history.  General Sanchez, a native son, who led the troops that captured Saddam Hussein was prominently displayed.
It was an interesting tour and we all enjoyed it.  

General Sanchez is at the left in the big circle. Next to him is Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon but only LBJ was recognizable to me.

We were due at a Mardi Gras party at the clubhouse but after another day of being gone, we were tired and opted not to go.  I put our green/gold/purple necklaces away until next year.  I think we are feeling our age!

Since it was Ash Wednesday, we decided it was a good day to drive to South Padre Island and have lunch at Dirty Al's.  We had the Botana which is an entire tray of fish, shrimp and French fries plus a $3 margarita.  Tom and Ira ordered separately.  Ted, Eileen, Lee and I polished the Botana off with no trouble.

Afterwards we drove up the island and stopped at one of the public accesses.  It was a beautiful day and walking the beach was such fun.  We wanted Ira and Lee to see how much the area reminds us of Florida.  

On the way back we stopped in Harlingen so they could see the Iwo Jima memorial and take in the "Capture of Iwo Jima" movie.  It amazes me that in 1944 our 18-20 year olds were storming the beaches of Europe and the South Pacific and today they need Safe Areas because "words hurt."  We are doomed!

Once we arrived home Ted went to Shooters Station while I made cookies for the platters to be made up for the First Responders in our area.  It is a Valentine's Day tradition.  

A little before 7:00, Eileen and Lee picked me up to attend church services and receive ashes.  Lee said she had never seen so many people in church on Ash Wednesday and then to think there were 10 services. 

Thursday morning we joined the ladies for breakfast again.  It was at La Estacion Bakery and was great.  I had 2 scrambled eggs, hash browns, 2 slices of bacon and a huge biscuit.  I figured at $6.99 I could just not eat it all. All I left was half the biscuit.  Then they gave us a 15% off coupon!  The bakery things looked yummy but I didn't buy anything.  Our 15% coupon is good all winter for dine in only so we may go back.  They had a Nativity scene made from woven fibers of sort on display.  Basket weaving at its finest I guess.  It was done really well and looked nice.  

We have a fairly quiet weekend planned but it possibly won't stay that way.

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