Tuesday, February 23, 2016

From A/C to Fireplace and Back Again

The weather has been superb but started hitting in the mid 90s.  That is a little too warm and then a cold front came through and we needed the fireplace in the morning.  Temps are to be a moderate high of 70s to low 80s this week so maybe we won't need A/C or the fireplace!

Our friends next door are lamenting how quickly their month has gone by.  It is how over 11 years we have gone from one week, to two weeks, to one month, then two and now three.  In fact, we have rented our last year's lot across the street from where we are now for next year.  This one is for sale and if we counted on it, we could end up out in the cold.  Also, Mark and Dortha will be here in November and December and will get the coach house ready for us to use.  Yeah!  A washer, dryer, refrigerator and full bath at our disposal.  Ted has liked having a place for his ammo and to work on his guns in this unfinished coach house but one with amenities will be even better.  We will also have two patio sets!  It costs more but we will enjoy the extras.  Mark even told us not to bother with a deposit.

We laid low Monday morning and at 2:00 Ted took the clay bird thrower to the gun range and at 3:00 I went to yoga.  He grilled steaks for dinner and we watched The Bachelor.  A welcome chance to recharge our batteries.

Tuesday was the ladies fashion show luncheon next door at Bentsen Palm.  I rode over with Trudy, Ann and Mimi and met Eileen and Lee there.   I really do like the clothes from the three stores represented.  In fact, my 50th anniversary ensemble came from one.  Eileen and I are going to Weslaco to shop at two of the stores on Thursday.  If we don't do enough damage there, we will stop in McAllen at the third one.

The fellows went to Little Caeser's Pizza for three hot and ready pizzas that we all ate in Tom's motorhome before going down the street to Green Gate Park to see The Gordy and Debby Show.  We saw their tribute to George Strait last year and they also opened for Mickey Gilley when we attended his concert.  They have won Duet of the Year here in the valley for the 5th straight year.  Our whole crowd really enjoyed their show.

Wednesday was another free morning.  I straightened some cabinets and counted my linens.  Kara, Bill, Sam and Morgan will be renting a cabin in Colorado during one of our weeks.  But they have to supply their own linens and since they are flying, it will fall to me to have what they need.  Kristin and Larry may come too so I need to make room to carry all the extra sheets, pillows, blankets and towels.

After that I cleaned out the refrigerator since it was garbage day.  We always end up with leftovers that never get eaten.  When Ted left to shoot skeet I left for the nail salon and grocery.  When I returned I took a load of laundry to the laundry next door.  By the time I arrived home, Ted was leaving with Niles and Sue to Shooters Alley.  I haven't been shooting there because Survivor is on and I have no DVR or On Demand to watch it later.

Thursday was ladies breakfast followed by our shopping trip to Weslaco.  I haven't shopped this much or bought so much in I can't remember how long!  Yesterday produced slacks, capris, sweater, shrug and four tops.  We did enough damage at Lionel's and Wells to skip the third store on our way home.

Ted had spent the day helping to build a bigger gun table at the range.  We are running out of room to put bags and load magazines as our numbers grow.  Eileen invited us to dinner so I made a spinach salad and key lime pie to take over.  Afterwards we played cornhole with everyone complaining about how slippery the boards were on the set Ira made.  He did a beautiful job but all the bags slid right off.  It took a long time for Ted and Tom to beat Eileen and Ira 21-0.  If you can lift the high part of the board 4-6 inches and a bag placed in the upper left corner slides, they are considered too slippery.  I looked that up!

When we came home, Bonnie and Lex were just leaving Niles coach house.  I asked if she wanted some pie.  She said yes and that they hadn't eaten yet so I gave her the spinach salad too.  The last two pieces of pie went to Niles and Sue.  No leftovers!!

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