Monday, February 15, 2016

Still Shopping!

 I wanted to go to Charming Charlie's to buy necklaces to go with my new blouses so we three ladies took off again Monday morning for La Plaza mall.  Neither Eileen nor Lee had ever been to Charlie's and they really liked the store.  We hit JCP and Macy's too.  I bought a pair of jeans and two tops besides my two necklaces.  I am more than ready for our big trip.

One thing I noticed was that the spot that hurts when I walk a lot didn't bother me at all.  I was wearing the new Crocs I bought and wondered if foot support and the way I walk was a culprit.  I am going to pay more attention to my footwear in relation to that pain.  The more clues you have for the Doctor the more chance of fixing the problem.

We returned just in time for my yoga class.  We have two more this session and then another three will be added.  I think they are helping me with flexibility and balance.

We were invited to Lee and Ira's for a ribs dinner so I offered to make Cole slaw.  I also used the cheese ball and pretzel crackers from Trudy for a little appetizer.  Ira roasted the peppers he bought at the flea market too.  Some beans, fries and strawberries over ice cream rounded out a great meal.  We sat around his portable firepit until almost 8:30 before heading home.

Tuesday we went on a pontoon ride along the Rio Grande River.  It was 90 degrees so was a gorgeous day for the ride.  These photos are all of the Mexican riverbank.


Retama palapa on the river.  (US side.)

Baby alligators.  They counted 13 on the mama's back one time. (US side.)

Mexican eagle 

Event center

Family farm

Texas Highway Patrol

The Andaluza Dam, note the gears used to raise and lower it

A private home and grounds

Another home, note the big screen TV

And the yard for the kids

Not sure but I think these are geese though they look like swans swimming.

Our beloved Riverside Club.  We could smell the food!

Here is a photo of our neighbors delivering cookies to the Mission Police Department.  Lots of folks including me baked cookies to make up these trays.

Mission Police Dept. @MissionPoliceTX
Mission Police Department would like to thank Retama Village for the Valentine cookies and all of their support.
Embedded image
Embedded image
Wednesday was a stay at home to catch up day for me.  I changed the linens on the bed and then remade it.  Next up was getting the laundry together and heading next door.  Luckily I didn't experience all the drama of last week.  The change machine had quarters, washers and dryers were available and I finished in a normal amount of time.

Ted had gone skeet shooting in my absence so I had a bit of lunch on my return and checked my email.  Around 5:30 he left with Niles for Shooter's Alley and I went back next door to Margarita Hour.  Lee, Eileen and Ira were there and I needed to go over some things I wanted from Mexico because they were going over the next day before returning home.

Since Survivor started up again I settled onto the couch to learn just who this Kyle is that I have in the pool.  No one seemed to be named Kyle so I googled it after the show.  They call him Sarg, thus the confusion, and is the guy with huge earlobe loops!   I think he'll be around until they turn on the Alpha males!  I made it to the Final Five last season with Keith.

With all the photos, this is getting long so I will sign off with "Adios" until next time.

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