Friday, February 12, 2016

Three For Three

Thursday evening I went to the clubhouse to play Hand and Foot.  I play Canasta at home and have played H&F once at a HitchHiker rally in Nashville so that plus Linda's explaining the finer points made me ready for play.  Ed was my partner and I did fine but Linda and Darryl beat us.  I had a good time and will go back again.

Friday we went to the Mexican flea market up the highway but didn't stay long.  Unfortunately, none of us need anything but Ira did buy some peppers.  From there we stopped for lunch before going to the Los Ebanos hand pulled ferry.  Last time we rode it across the Rio Grande it was 50 cents each way and down a dirt road to the ferry.  At a Customs shack of sorts, not much bigger than a phone booth, you had to present your passport if you actually road the ferry across and back.

Now there is a huge building, Custom booths, fences, etc.  We were not going to ride but the other four were so only they brought their passports.  We all had to pay $1.25 to just walk in far enough to see the ferry!  They said the owner of the ferry charged that but we were on U.S. Government property!    The others walked down but decided not to ride after all.  It has lost its charm so we won't be taking folks there anymore.

After a stop at Home Depot to pick up that elusive screw starter we finally ordered since we couldn't find one, and getting quarters at the bank, we came home and headed down to the gun range.  Ted shot his AR-15 at the 50 and 100 yard targets and hit them all.  Tom and I shot targets on the 7 yard boards and I shot the steel disks too, hitting all five.  Tom is having a scope added to his rifle.

My target.  I didn't cover the last magazine load so you can see I was getting closer to the bullseye.  I put 8 of 10 shots in the center circle.

We were scheduled to go to the Canada Eh! Party at 4:30 but I was too hot and tired to go.  We planned to attend that, then go next door to play Mexican Train and order pizza.  The heat and running all day wore us out.  We are expecting these temps for the next week and I had to turn the A/C on.  We have skipped the Mardi Gras party, Super Bowl Party and now the Canada Eh! Party.  We are real party poopers this year.

Saturday Ted went to a shoot at Coyote Gun Club.  He left at 7:30 and wasn't coming back until 2:30. Here he is with Niles and Bonnie.

So Eileen, Lee and I went to the Premium Outlets. I am not a shopper but on occasion I have to do just that.  Getting in the right frame of mind, I bought two pairs of shorts, a tank top, three blouses, two Tees and two pairs of shoes plus a new pair of Crocs for Ted.  Lee and Eileen also bought several things.  I guess it was my Valentine's present to myself!  

We all went to church and Fr. Roy did not disappoint.  His message was about temptation and the size of our commitment to our faith.  We had a half dozen cowboy songs plus Amazing Grace!  After Mass he passed out Hershey kisses for all for Valentine 's Day.  Ira gets a big kick out of our church services.  

Eileen wanted BBQ so we headed to Ace's BBQ for dinner.  Everyone liked their dinner and want to go back.  Next door was the Bakery Cafe where we had breakfast on Thursday so we stopped in to show the fellows all the "pan dulce" for sale. We bought a pastry for each of us for breakfast and 
Lee did too.  We came back home to get our money to play card bingo.  More than half the folks there were from Retama and without them the crowd wouldn't produce very big pots.  I did get to stand up once waiting on one card but didn't win.  My record this year remains perfect - no wins.  Lee won again and is 2 for 2!

Ted went to see about his new gun grip but it isn't in yet and he followed that by skeet shooting with Dave and Don.  When he dropped Don off, Trudy gave him a Valentine plate with a cheese ball, crackers and home made cookies.  He brought me a dozen white roses!  

I had gone to the grocery and then went to buy a baby gift with Eileen.  I managed to buy another pair of shoes, a purse and new wallet.  

When we returned, it was time to go to the Fund Raiser Dinner for the dog rescue center nearby.  We all went to the patio of the clubhouse for a spaghetti dinner and some prizes.  More than $3,000 was raised.  We did not win any of the prizes.

When the sun went down it got cool quickly because of the wind so we came back to our coach house to play Mexican Train,  Lee and I tied for first place.  Thus ends another weekend.

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