Saturday, January 23, 2016

Home On The Gun Range

Saturday was rifle and pistol shooting playing tic tac toe.  But the squares were cut diagonally into triangles, one being X and one being O and it was on 8.5 X 11 card stock so it was harder than it sounds at 7 yards.  JoAnne won our coin toss and hit the O triangle in the middle top.  She said she was aiming for the middle box.  So I aimed for the X triangle in the middle box and hit the O which went to her.  She shot the bottom middle O and I was done.  For my efforts of shooting only one shot and being eliminated I won the following special award for my conservation of ammo.

Since we had many more heats, I helped Kathy keep score.  She used binoculars to spot the shots and I recorded them.  It also helped shooters determine where to shoot to get tic tac toe since they couldn't see the shots either.  Many heats were decided by a shooter inadvertantly giving their opponent a score.

When pistols were finished, we had lunch followed by rifles.  Our friend Don won the Overall title for the day.  I picked up a lot of brass off the ground in between heats so I got my exercise in for the day.

We went to church at 4:00 and came home to ribs I had cooking in the crockpot.  Later we went to play card bingo.  We didn't have any luck again but both Linda and Bruce won.  We are having a real dry spell this year in the winning card bingo department!

Sunday as Ted walked out the door to meet Dave and Don at the Mission Skeet Club, he announced we were due at Bonnie's at 4:30 with an appetizer and our drinks!  Luckily I had shrimp in the freezer and cocktail sauce in the pantry so I was covered there.  I went to Walgreen's for hair color and colored my hair before showering and getting ready for our afternoon soirée.

There was a nice group at Bonnie's and only one couple we did not know.  I did learn they own the two lots behind us that they rent out.  Owners are getting a bit antsy about next season's rentals because so many Canadians did not come back or have stated they are not coming back due to the unfavorable exchange rate.  They may also see some Northerners not coming back if the 401s and IRAs don't recover.  Retama is the most expensive park that I know of but that is because you are not getting just a strip to park on.  We have two drives, patio area and a coach house.  This also includes a beautiful large pool, hot tubs, community patio with grills, craft room, pool room, card rooms, TV lounge, laundry room, kitchen, bike trails, gun range and planned activities.  We also have access to the activities next door at Bentsen Palm campground.  That is where we see some shows and play card bingo.  When Eileen arrives we will probably go to Margarita nights too.

Monday was a laid back day.  Ted had to cancel clay target shooting because of work being done in the area.  I had a long phone call with my good friend from home.  At 3:00 I had yoga that I continue to enjoy.  After "breakfast for dinner" I hunkered down to watch The Bachelor.  I have read the spoilers and the girl they say he picks is nowhere near the limelight yet.  If you follow it, Olivia isn't the one!

Tuesday I did some financial things including setting up a link between our brokerage account and our bank account.  This will make it easier to transfer funds when necessary.  The sun was shining and we were both wearing shorts.  I cleaned up around the RV dusting, sweeping and cleaning in the bathroom.  Ted had been out with Niles and they decided we would go to lunch at Firehouse Sub.  A cold front was due to come in and by the time we were finished eating outside, we were all cold.  I had made haircut appointments for both of us so that was about it for our day.  We turned the fireplace on and settled in.  Wednesday is to be cool and rainy so we will just stay home or find an inside place to go during the day.  Tactical Shooting will happen in the evening at Shooters Alley.

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