Monday, January 11, 2016

In Full Swing

Sunday I fixed breakfast for the first time in a long time.  Ted normally doesn't eat in the morning and I am a bowl of cereal, a yogurt or a half bagel person.  So we had a nice start to the day.  Later we went to the gun range with the group to have a competition that mirrors what we will be doing Wednesday night at Shooters Alley.  I had great accuracy but my time is slower than the others and that lowers my overall score.  I hope I do well on Wednesday!

After shooting, we stopped by the boat dock but didn't see the mama alligator and 8 babies so we decided to stop and see Jay and Stella who just arrived Saturday evening.  I was thirsty and there was a huge tangerine tree in the field across from them so I picked one to eat.  It was so good that before we left we picked a bag and shared them with Kathy, Sue and Bonnie.  There are many trees all over this area laden with fruit that doesn't get picked.  We stripped the orange tree behind our spot.  What was on the ground was thrown away and what came off the tree went into the refrigerator.  Letting it rot on the ground brings unwanted critters around.

I had a chicken in the crockpot so we left for home for dinner and stayed in the rest of the night.  I saved the debris in the crockpot and carcass of the chicken to take to the alligators to see if they will come to the surface to eat it.  We know they like tortillas!

Monday was the present and previous HitchHiker owners' luncheon.  There were 55 in attendance and we knew a good many folks and it was great seeing them all.  We are being strongly encouraged to come to Ingram, TX in April for the Haulin' HitchHiker rally but we may not be able to fit it in.  We are heading to Michigan for our grandson's Confirmation on 4/20.  

We left there to get back in time for Ted to go to the gun range for clay bird shooting.  However, the red flag was up on our way in so we knew there was work being done in the area and shooting is not allowed.  He went down anyway to tell anyone that showed up why there would be no shooting.  In the meantime I changed my clothes to go to my yoga class.  It is doing my hip good in helping extend my range of motion.  Taking the steps in and out of the trailer and up and down to the bedroom also has been helpful.  It was to be part of my PT but we don't have any steps at home!  

That evening Ted had to go back to the clubhouse to see the Alabama-Clemson football game.  He texted me that the couple whose son is visiting was playing the piano and was very good.  I asked if he could hear the TV but he never answered but he never came home either!  I watched The Bachelor.  When he came home he said it was a great game and was glad Alabama won.  Great nephew Michael attends Alabama and nephew Ken covers Alabama for the Dothan Eagle.

Tuesday dawned early with me having a 9:00 meeting about running the Bunco group.  I also needed to give the Powerball pool our $10.  They ended up with 340 tickets.  $1.5 billion divided by 68 is still a great windfall!  I came home and headed next door to the laundromat.  When that was finished I came home to clean.  Eventually I ended up at Linda's and had a visit with her and Sue.  When I got back home it had been decided we were going to Shooters Alley with Niles, Sue and Bonnie.  I did okay but still have trouble pulling the slide on the gun.  I found it easier to load the magazine with it open and then click it closed to load.  Since their cafe was not open we went to eat afterwards at a Mexican restaurant. 

Here is my target of about 60 shots.  Four wayward ones but the one on the forehead was deliberate.  My friend Susan told me she was going to be sure not to p*ss me off!

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