Saturday, January 16, 2016

Expensive Gun Show

Saturday was the gun flea market here in the park.  I went for the coffee and donuts!  Ted bought some ammo and sold a holster.  I don't know how well the others did.  I eventually left to go make copies for Bunco but before I even hit the expressway Ted called and said to go to Firehouse Sub, save seats for 7 and I would be taking Sue home.  Well all right.

Thank goodness for GPS because I would have never found it along the frontage road.  I found it easily enough using it and sat at one table of four and set my purse on another.  It wasn't too crowded but I wanted to be sure no one sat at either of those tables.  We all had some lunch and then everyone but Sue and I went to the gun show at McAllen Convention Center.  She and I stopped at Office Depot then headed home.

In a few hours Ted returned carrying a long gun bag and I knew that infamous knock of Niles had come to fruition.  We were going to church but Ted and Niles had to go over the gun and discovered the bolt was missing.  They are required to remove it to bring it into the convention center and had forgot to replace it.  So we went back to get it and then went on to church.  Because the gospel was the wedding feast at Cana, Fr. Roy spoke about ordinary people having extraordinary love.  With so many Winter Texans there I am sure thousands of years of marriage were represented and confirmed what Father had to say.

Our evening entertainment was seeing The Red Head Express with Jay and Stella.  The performance was great.  We were happy to see Meghan who is a particular favorite of Ted's.  We had a chance to visit with her and their photographer took our picture with her.  Trudy and Don attended too and we all sat together.  It was our first show this season.

Sunday was another gorgeous day.  Ted went early to shoot skeet with Dave and Don.  Dave came home with Ted to hang our pendulum light replacement.  It is 12v and we weren't sure how to hook it up and we wanted to be sure it was done correctly.  Ted had a little bit of time before heading to our gun range to shoot pistols and his new rifle.  He wanted to get the sight set correctly.  I was due at the clubhouse for Bunco at 6:30, though I had received only one phone call about attending, and I stayed behind to have dinner ready early.

Only Diana, who had called me, and I were at the clubhouse so by 6:45 we locked up and went home.  Last year they had a good crowd but it was so disorganized I think it soured people on it.  Oh well, I offered to help Ginger and I did so she will have to decide where to go from here.

We had a couples lunch at Republic of the Rio Grande restaurant on Monday.  About 30 couples took up the entire patio of the restaurant.  We met a new couple who are traveling around the country full time looking for a place to retire.  We had a lot in common and I was sorry to hear they are leaving on the 31st.  She showed me a Verizon app that lets you see at a glance how much data you have used.  I was glad to get that downloaded because we are using our Verizon jet pack as our hotspot while down here.

Ted had moved the clay pigeon shoot to 3:00 from 2:00 so he took off shortly after we came home.  I used the time to go buy a $70 half gallon of milk.  That's what I ended up spending when I went into HEB!  I made a chicken salad sandwich for myself for dinner and Ted ate the leftover ziti from a day or two ago.  Then it was time for The Bachelor.  

We have been here a month already and that doesn't seem possible.  it won't be long until Eileen and group arrive next door at the campground.  Ted may have to curtail some of his gun activities while they are here.  We'll see!

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