Saturday, January 2, 2016

Crappy Weather Returns, Then Leaves

Saturday the rain came in earnest.  It was cold, raining and just plain nasty out so we were content to stay inside until we left for a late lunch/early dinner before church at 4:00.  Fr. Roy had his dogs in King clothes complete with crowns, the llama dressed as a camel and a moving star for the Kings to follow to celebrate the Epiphany.  His sermon was about the three kings representing us and seeking God in our loneliness. He feels we all have an emptiness in our heart that we can fill with loneliness, unhappiness, unkindness or fill the void with love, understanding, or kindness.  His cowboy song was Oh Lonesome Me and he asked if there was an engineer who could figure out how to keep the moving star straight instead of sideways as it moved toward the stable.  

Father Roy preaching.  Note the cactus ornament on the tree.  There are also cowboy hats and boots that size.

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.  Our daughter's church n Winter Spring, FL uses a real baby and then invites anyone in the congregation who was the baby Jesus in the past to come forward.  What a lovely tradition.

Nacho the llama substituting for a camel.  He stayed until the end and was very good.  As long as he can see what is going on, he behaves. 

Two of the dogs dressed as kings who slept through the whole service.

We came home for a bit and then went next door to play card bingo.  Again we did not win but our partners won twice.  We need some better luck this year!

Sunday dawned with a bit of blue sky and sunshine so skeet shooting was on.  Karen texted that she wanted to shop if I did so I picked her up at the gun club and we headed to La Plaza.  We hit a couple stores where I bought a Michael Kors blouse and some designer shorts and I can't even remember who right now.  I am such a non-shopper but it is Karen's big thing!  If I was a size 4 I probably would feel differently!  Dave and Ted met us at Cracker Barrel and we had a nice dinner with them.  As soon as we arrived home, the TV went on for Ted to see the rest of the football games.  Another Sunday night shot to h*ll!

Monday dawned with blue sky and sunshine!  Yeah!  I had 5 ladies to pick up at 11:15 for our monthly luncheon at Lemon and Grass, a Mediterranean restaurant.  I needed a cheat sheet to remember who I was getting and where they lived.  There were no problems and we arrived first to the restaurant where 25 were expected.  I had my mind set on souvlaka but it wasn't on the menu.  Since their gyros only said "meat" and not lamb, I ordered an Oriental salad with chicken.  It was very good and everyone seemed to enjoy their selections.

It was just beautiful when we came outside around 2:00 pm.  I dropped everyone off but Ted was shooting clay targets starting at 2:00 and I just missed him.  I knew he wouldn't have my Remington with him, I didn't know about ammo and I dreaded taking my car down the muddy roads, so I stayed put and did a little housework.

He came home for an hour or so then left with Niles for Shooters Station.  They were participating in Tactical Training.  I chose to watch The Bachelor. Tuesday morning there was a seminar on holsters, carrying concealed and open carry.  We both think open carry is just asking for trouble and would never do it without a good cause.  I saw no reason to go with Ted.

When Ted came home we went to the grocery.  There was a Happy Hour at the clubhouse and I wanted to make pizza bundles.  We are also having dinner at Nedra's tomorrow and I am making a raspberry cobbler.  It is hard to keep up with all this socializing especially when you have to bring something!  When we returned, Niles came over with a price on a gun Ted wants before Obama totally tramples on his rights he said!  Thanks Niles, that was an expensive knock!

There was a big crowd at the Clubhouse and so much food no one would ever need to go to dinner afterwards.  We enjoyed catching up with a couple that workamped next door when we stayed over there.  Don and Trudy sat with us and a new renter couple we met for the first time.  It was an enjoyable evening.  

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