Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our First Month is Over

It is hard to believe our first month is over already.  We haven't done lots of things we normally do right away.  Shooting has occupied a lot of our time and we are spending a lot of time with another whole group.  We had to turn down an invitation to join the HitchHiker group for a gathering and beg off a BBQ at Niles because we are having dinner with our old Bentsen Palm friends and Ted had a Border Patrol gun seminar to attend.  Our calendar is crazy!

Tuesday we went out with Jay, Stella and two of their friends.  We started at Gonzalas Burgers and thankfully Stella split a burger with me and Ted and I shared an order of fries.  It was a perfect amount and I wasn't hungry the rest of the day.  Nancy and Dave went off on their own while we went checking  out the ropas.  I bought a throw, tablecloth, two scarves, a Christmas decoration and a Fall decoration (bingo prizes).  Total bill $3.05!  Our favorite ones have closed down and we haven't been able to locate really good ones yet.

We took advantage of the tangerine trees and grapefruit tree over at Jay's.  Stella said the oranges were sour so of course I tried one.  Boy was she right!  Our fruit drawers are as full as they can be and that is after Ted shared some with Bob and Niles.

Neither of us wanted dinner so Ted emptied our tanks and then took off to Academy to buy bullets for Bonnie.  She was only allowed two boxes so Niles, Bruce and Ted went with her to buy two each for her.

Wednesday was the Winter Texan Expo and I picked up Jay, Stella and Nancy.  Wednesday and Sunday are Ted's clay shooting days with Don and Dave so he came late and left early.  We enjoyed entertainment by Southern Anthem and Bernie and Red.  Both shows were great.

There were lots of booths and we collected candy, cereal bars, coupons, had our BP taken and eyes checked, etc.  There was something for everyone.

I dropped the group off in the Cottonwood park and came home in time for my yoga class.  I think it is helping my back and teaching me movements to continue exercising it.  I am sure most of us don't look too graceful but we are 70 and moving and stretching and that is good!

Thursday morning I was reading my email when there was a knock at the door.  Lenchen was at the door waiting for a ride to breakfast.  I had completely forgotten!  I clicked to unlock the car door and asked for 5 minutes.  It probably took me 10 but we made it on time.  When I returned, Ted and I went to Mexico.  After coffee and a pastry for Ted at Renee's and a Light Coke (not sold in the US) for me, we went to the salon for pedicures.  Our next stop was the leather shop for two belts for me and lastly our drug store stop.  We will go back a few more times when Eileen gets here.  Ira is having extensive dental work done so that will necessitate several trips.

At 6:00 we met Dave, Karen, Trudy and Don at a local German restaurant.  We have gone here every year for several years but a good many of our other friends who made up our original group have either moved on or aren't here this year due to parental illnesses that require their presence.  The food was good and we all cleaned our plates.  The spätzle and red cabbage are really good but they serve their Getman potato salad cold!  That's a mortal sin in my book.

Today I ate all day for $2.50!  My breakfast was a breakfast bar given to me at the Expo.  Lunch was a Caeser salad from a free Dole salad coupon.  We had a $5 Little Caesar's pizza for dinner but I ate less than half.  My nighttime snack was tangerines from Jay's trees!  I thought it was funny when I realized what I had done.

Friday evening we went next door to see Southern Anthem, the group we saw at the Expo.  It was a great, fun show and Ted won a CD of their Gospel music after identifying The Judds as the singers of the song Why Not Me.

Wish me luck shooting in tic tac toe on Saturday.  I really don't expect to make it past the first round but stranger things have happened.

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