Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Instant Pot, Range Maintenance and Brazilian Steakhouse

Ted went to the gun club on Wednesday with Don and Dave.  The trap shooters were going to be there and he wanted to see if he could sell his original trap gun.  There were no takers but there is a gun garage sale here next week so he will try again.  Otherwise he will put it on consignment at the gun club at home.

While he was doing that I straightened up and made my raspberry cobbler.  At 4 pm we went to Nedra and Al's for frozen chicken cooked in the Instant Pot in 15 minutes.  Nedra made oven crispy potatoes and a salad and voila the chicken was done.  Amazing.  I may be getting one of these pots.  Imagine buying a roast at 3 pm, putting it on at 3:15 and by 4:30 it is fork tender.  Ted left to go to the Shooters Station with Niles and I  stayed since I didn't want to eat and run.  It was a most enjoyable dinner and visit.

Ted finally rolled in about 10 pm.  He was late because he had broken a safety rule so had to buy everyone a DQ ice cream.  His infraction was loading his magazine at the safe table.  I guess no weapons or ammo is allowed there.  So now we both know!  

Thursday is breakfast out with the ladies and I picked up Dale.  It is so nice having my car!  There was a good group and I saw a few more ladies from last year that have recently returned.  I am so thankful for name tags.  When I returned, we opened up the shades and the door to let the sunshine in.  We are scheduled for some nice weather this week and are using the fireplace just for a short while in the morning.

Niles and Sue we're hosting a cookout Thursday late afternoon and I needed to make a dish.  I had frozen a lot of the nut topping from my Christmas sweet potato soufflĂ© and asked if that dish would be okay.  Given the green light, we bought four big sweet potatoes and I got it all ready.  When we went across the street for Happy Hour I put it in the oven.  By the time the grill was eventually up and running, the potatoes were done.  Kathy proclaimed them awesome!  We came home after dark and laughed when we saw it was 7:05 pm.  We are officially old, going to parties at 4:00 and being home 3 hours later.

Our anniversary photo book arrived from Kristin and Larry so I took it over to show Kathy while Ted was gone.  He and Niles bought lumber to replace some of the shooting range backboards since they get shot up quickly.  I guess sawing and drilling was involved.  They also filled sandbags for rifle shooting and finished off with a beer!

Card bingo was moved to Friday because there is a band next door at Bentsen on Saturday night.  We went over and I did get to stand three times with one card remaining but I never won.  Sure hope our luck improves soon.

Saturday was a Charity Shoot that was attended by a lot of our shooting group.  It was very windy and no one did any good except raise money for the Benefit of Children of South Texas Shooters.  It helps the kids pay for their expenses when they go to shoots.

In the evening we went to a Brazilian steakhouse with Kathy, Bob, Niles, Sue, Bonnie and Lex.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it but I didn't think the meat was all that good.  The ribs and Parmesan chicken were the best in my book.  None of the beef was to my liking so I went to the salad bar twice and just didn't say anything.  It was a fun group and we enjoyed spending time with our neighbors and shooting buddies.

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