Thursday, January 14, 2016

Eyes! Ears! Range is Going HOT!

Wednesday night I competed in my first tactical gun shoot.  My aim is fine, handling the gun quickly and safely is a whole other ball game.  We had 3 scenarios the first round, two the second round.  It wasn't too difficult.  There were good guys (white targets) you don't want to hit being held in front of bad guys.  One station was somewhat around a corner, another through a window.  AND it was 18 shots so you had to remove and replace your magazine after 10 shots.  You are timed and it affects your score a lot.

The Range Officer knew it was my first competition and was very nice and instructive.  I know the first round I got 13 A shots, and 1 C shot.  I only got a glimpse at the sheet so I didn't see anything else.  But at the end of the evening I came in 9th or 10th out of 13 shooters.  Some of the guys are so fast!  Boom, boom, boom in under 10 seconds.  I think Ted was 4th.

All three range employees came up to me to say I did very well for my first time.  My goal was to not embarrass myself or hurt someone and hopefully not be last.  Mission accomplished!

On Thursday Ted went to the Border Patrol gun cleaning seminar while I did my normal chores and some paperwork.  By noon it was time to head to Donna (nice having a city named after me!) for a Skymed appreciation lunch.  On the way we stopped in Pharr to buy tickets for the Moe Bandy concert.  We bought six because Eileen, Tom, Lee and Ira will be here and want to attend too.  

When we arrived at Victoria Palms it was 1:00, starting time was 1:30 and folks were already eating their salads!  It is true about seniors, if you arrive on time you are late.  The lunch was delicious and we enjoyed it.  Then the testimonials and info meeting started.  You are invited to this because you have Skymed insurance!  After an hour and a half of listening to them preach to the choir, we got up and left, giving our door prize tickets to the lady next to me from Iowa.  I hope she won something.

Dave and Karen are in this park and we had promised to stop by which was the biggest reason we left but honestly we had heard enough.  We visited with them for a couple hours, and then headed home.  It was a beautiful sunset we drove into heading west.

Friday was gorgeous.  I wore shorts and eventually turned on the roof fan and even thought about firing up the A/C!  I headed out to get my nails done plus doing a little grocery shopping.  Ted went to play tic tac toe with guns.  He lost to two people shooting red dots.  I don't think it is fair to mix open shooters and red dot shooters but again, I don't make the rules.  We were asked to join our neighbors at Niles' for a shrimp boil but I had dinner started and shrimp isn't our favorite thing.  Ted wandered over to Niles' place after we ate and I eventually went looking for him.  We stayed until it got too cool to sit out and then came home.

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