Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quiet After the Storm

It has finally stopped raining.  The temperature is hitting 90 and June is starting off normally.  I have had   a relatively quiet week.  We went to dinner Saturday night after church with Terry and Carol.  That was our last hard downpour while we were in church.

On Sunday we were invited to a friend's for dinner.  There were 5 couples and we had a delicious meal and a pleasant afternoon and evening.

I had nothing scheduled for Monday and Tuesday and took advantage of the time to read Nelson DeMille's book, The Panther.  He is one of my favorite authors and I discovered he was two books ahead of me.  I have also downloaded Radiant Angel and will probably plow throught that pretty quickly too.

Wednesday I had an afternoon Service Meeting where I received my instructions for the year as Gift Distribution Chair.  There is not a lot to do right now but some things are time sensitive and I need to get with Susan before we leave to do what needs to be done.

That afternoon I went to Happy Hour at the country club and had another issue with trying to eat there.  After a glass of wine we ordered dinner.  I asked for a BLT flatbread and fruit and she said I couldn't have fruit as a side so I said bring the fries.  After 45 minutes one of the ladies who is a member went to complain.  We all had another glass of wine and after about 15 minutes more we received our food.  I was served a chicken sandwich with bacon and fruit!  The funny thing is that I didn't realize I received something I didn't even order until I was relating it to Ted that night.  I guess I was just really hungry by then.  The good part is we got comped our meal!  I gave the server $10 as a tip because it wasn't his fault.  

It was back to the thrift shop for four hours on Thursday.  I bought a few new things that came in, all for other people.  I found a beach bag with Morgan's name monogrammed on it that will come in handy on vacation and a Cowgirl shirt.  She really liked the sparkles.  There were four American Princess dresses in size 5, new with tags, so I bought one for Lily with the second one for when the twins can wear them.  I also bought a size 3/4 dress for Ally but she doesn't like it.  I will take it to the family reunion and it will fit someone.  Final cost for all $13!

We learned Ted's sister's father-in-law passed away on Sunday.  I looked up his obituary and was taken aback at his having 90 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Then I added up Ted's parents and it was 100 with the newest one due checking in at #101!  You need to have a lot of children yourself to hit these numbers.  RIP Mr. G.

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