Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It Is Always Sad To Say Goodbye

Ron and Karen picked us up for 8:00 Mass on Sunday.  It was a quick one, over in 45 minutes.  We went back to the breakfast room of the motel and pretty much took it over.  I kept Jemma in her baby seat while Brian and Laura got their food and Jameson's.  A gentleman asked "How many of you are there?"  When I told him 95 he said "Oh my!"  I think the other patrons knew they were fighting a losing battle trying to get a table.

We stayed at our table and said goodbye to each group as they left except for Keith.  Each time we said goodbye he was back in 5 minutes to tell someone else goodbye.  After several times of doing this, Ted asked if he was running for sheriff.  Ted said he was working the room like a politician!  Eventually all that were leaving did so and the rest of us went to our rooms or RV.

We didn't eat breakfast, just had coffee and juice, because we were going to the Apple Barn for lunch with Karen and Ron, with Tom and Eileen from Florida joining us.  They had arrived the day before but stayed in an RV park closer to the highway.  The apple fritters they give you free as an appetizer are wonderful but I only ate one!  Tom's salad would have fed four of us!  I had a trio of a small pot pie, small dish of chicken and dumplings and a small breast.  My three smalls equaled a very nice lunch.  We returned to the park and spent some time at the pool for awhile before calling it a day.

We were up early Monday because Howard, our old neighbor and Ted's best friend while we lived in Florida last time, was coming from Chuckey TN to visit.  Tom and Eileen were coming over too.  We had a great visit and I fixed lunch for all of us.  Howard's wife Nancy has MS and the drive and heat would have been too much for her.  When they all left late in the afternoon, we went back to the pool.  Joe had the leftover ribs and chicken from the catered meal so we ate with them in their suite.  We said our goodbyes and headed to our RV for our last night there.

We packed up to leave by 8:00 Tuesday morning but we had to back out of our site because there just wasn't enough room to turn and pull out.  The park is laid out nicely but not with enough room for bigger rigs.  We kept the truck parked in overflow parking so we could put out our slide and get in and out the door.   We signaled Tom as we went by their park and he pulled out behind us.

We arrived in Bowling Green a little after noon because we moved back into CDT.  We had some trouble setting up because the site is unlevel.  Our leveling system couldn't get the front right side level so Ted had to hook up and move the RV around a bit.  Second time worked.  When both rigs were settled we left for Sam's, Brands and Camping World.

Sam's didn't have goetta which didn't surprise me, we are too far south still.  Eileen's neighbor wants some.  Ted bought several shirts at Brands and I get some more Vasserette underwear.  Tom needed new landing jack pads because his old ones were crushed when the ground was so wet the legs kept   coming down.  With all the shopping done we headed home in the awful heat.  Eileen and I both fell asleep when we went inside our rigs.  Eventually Ted grilled a tenderloin and we put together dinner.  It was so hot we put a fan out on the patio while we ate.

We have an 8:30 Corvette tour on Wednesday so I showered and washed my hair this evening.  I don't want to rush in the morning!

The best thing about a heat wave is constantly having the illusion you're getting exercise.

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