Monday, June 8, 2015

Getting Ready for Chris

Except for Memorial Day weekend, Chris has been at his parent's home.  He is anxious to get to his "bachelor pad" (i.e., our house) once again.  We have settled into a comfortable routine with his moving in and out.  He uses his bedroom, bath, kitchen and family room.   The rest he doesn't go into at all.  He takes his laundry to his Mom (!) and will bring in our mail but not deal with it.  So Nancy does that for me.  I pay bills electronically and the yard people come each week.  It is a win-win situation for all.

I am in the getting-ready-to-leave mode.  We have lots of things to take to various people.  By the time we hit Frankenmuth MI I will have delivered everything if all goes as anticipated.  We have plans to go nearby on Saturday to set up the RV so I can get it loaded and ready to travel.  I usually empty the refrigerator and freezer here at home as much as I can.  Then I take pantry items that would get stale or draw bugs.  I keep non-perishable items, cleaning items, paper products, etc. in the trailer.  We will go to the grocery as we move along, probably not until Bowling Green, KY since our first stop is Pigeon Forge TN for the family reunion where several meals are provided.

We went to Terry and Carol's for dinner Sunday and to visit with their daughter and son-in-law in from Alabama.  Carol makes the best ribs!  I made apple roses for dessert after seeing them made on Facebook.  Warning:  It is not as easy as they make it look!  They turned out OK but there is a real learning curve.  We served them with ice cream.

Ted headed to Dallas on Monday and I had the day to get organized and do laundry.  My clothes are out on the twin bed and all my "for others" things are on the other bed.  Ted will do his clothes last.  T-shirts and shorts for him with one pair of long pants and dress shirt, just in case.  I plan a bit more than that.

Today I worked four more hours at the thrift shop.  Standing for four hours straight can get you down in the back quickly.  I am sure glad I don't have to do it everyday, or at all if I choose not to!  Morgan hit the mother lode that day.  Three dresses (Bonnie Jean and Hanna Anderson, both top quality), two sweaters and a bathing suit.  I also bought a new child's life jacket for $3.50 that I will leave at the lake because of all the little ones visiting there.  Our waffle iron went kaput last year and I picked up a brand new Texas shaped waffle iron for us.  Ted got a kick out of that.  Total spent $35.

I had an appointment for a cut and color on Wednesday morning.  Cindy called early and was crying saying she couldn't do my hair, she had to go to the doctor.  She is battling thyroid cancer and my heart goes out to her.  She is single, sick and has very few resources and is in despair.  I wish there was something I could do for her besides give her my business, tip generously and pray.  She certainly is having a hard time.

We had our group dinner and card game Wednesday evening.  Finally I was at a table with cool players.  We played so fast we were finished more than a half hour before everyone else.  This was mostly due to Bob getting his great cards immediately, going out and catching us all with full hands.  Holly and I battled for last place all night!  But everyone joked and no one got upset.  Yay!

Cindy called while we were playing.  Besides her white count being way down and needing platelets, she is trying to get her passport so she can go to the dentist we go to in Progreso, Mexico.  She has been so upset about her appearance since she broke her tooth.  I had texted her the info but I wasn't sure what she would do with it.  She is going to Corpus Christi to a friend's then on to Mexico.  She has an appointment.  She was still trying to fit me in!  If the passport thing gets settled she will be back in her shop and will do my hair on Friday.  I felt sort of bad in that she is scrambling to sort out problems and getting my hair done before I leave was one of them!  Certainly puts everything in perspective doesn't it? 

Thursday was our neighborhood luncheon.  We had a good turnout but the restaurant selected was so noisy!  Talking was limited to the person next to you and across from you.  I don't like not getting to speak to everyone but sometimes that happens.

I eventually got my hair and nails done on Friday.  It will be a stretch but I am hoping I can get by until we get home again.  My hair will probably make it, not sure about the nails.

We moved the RV to the park close to our house on Saturday.  We loaded up most everything but have refrigerator food and last minute things to put in yet.  I am going to the store today while Ted shoots and will take it right over to the park.  As soon as my Bunco group is over tomorrow we will take off.

Next stop Pigeon Forge, TN, where 94 of us are gathering.

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