Tuesday, May 26, 2015

But For The Grace of God

After dodging tremendously dangerous weather in the Boerne area, we were able to drive home in dry weather, put the RV back in storage and be home safely before the next onslaught of rain started.  Houston and the surrounding areas received almost a foot of rain on Monday evening.  There are flooded areas all over.

I was to work Tuesday at the thrift shop but received a call saying there was no power so I was not to report.  I had everything put away from the trip so I finished the laundry completely and had a free afternoon.

Good morning, Houston!

Our friends posted this photo of their home in Bastrop BEFORE the dam broke there.  We have not heard how much worse it got.

This was along I-10 in Luling TX on our way home.

This is the new sign in Orange, TX as you enter from Louisiana! 

I fixed some ribs for dinner after Ted watched the Pitmaster cook offs!  Mine were really good, maybe not Pitmaster worthy, but we liked them.

I was awakened in the middle of the night with lightning flashing, thunder and another couple of inches of rain.  There was a funeral at church and I saw one lady post she couldn't get there with the food she fixed because some of the roads are still blocked.  The earthen dam up near Dallas is breaching and I worry about the one near Gerre and Barry.  The plus side is everything is greener than I have ever seen it.  I don't think there are any drought levels anywhere in Texas anymore.  I wish we could send some of this to California.

Something to put a smile on my face was this posting of our lunch photo in Nashville, IN.  It was such a fun weekend with high school friends to celebrate our 70th birthday year.  I saw my sister and two other friends during that trip too.

Wednesday we picked Terry and Carol up from the airport when they returned from their grandson's graduation.  Since it was dinner time and they of course got nothing to eat on the plane, we took them to dinner before taking them home.  All of a sudden it was 9:00 pm and the day was almost over.

I found this photo thought provoking.  The four major cities in Texas are all flooded at the same time.  The whole state is in a state of emergency.

With the power restored, I reported for work at the thrift shop on Thursday.  It was almost impossible  to move because things were piled so high!   I tagged and hung for awhile then took the clothes out to  the store to be hung up for sale.  My two hours went quickly and I left to go play Shanghai.  We had a fun table but I came in third due to getting stuck one of the six games.  Once you don't get down, your chances of winning are almost nil.  We had a lot of laughs and bottom line that is why we meet - to play, to have fun.

Ted had gone to the gun club to see the water damage.  All the thrower machines are under water and there was an alligator swimming around. Lots of areas are still under very deep water.  We didn't get rain on Thursday but they keep predicting it.

We had more rain overnight on Friday, another 3.5 inches according to the rain gauge.  I know it didn't help but so far it hasn't caused any new problems that I have heard about.

To keep in mind the good things that happened last weekend, here are a few plagarized photos from the Texas Boomers 15th Anniversary Party.

Our friends Jay, Susan, Mike (standing), me, Ted, Bill, Aleena and the back of Tommy.

Cutting green peppers for omelets with Pat, Barbara and Amber.

Ted going somewhere!

How you prepare your zippy omelet bag

The finished product

Hail, hail the gangs all here!

All in all it has been an emotional week.  Many have died.  Much has been destroyed.  But there has been no whining, no cries for FEMA, no widespread looting, etc.  Many people have put themselves in harms way all week to help others.  We don't have one city flooded, we have our four major cities flooded plus all the areas in between. Those Texas bootstraps are strong!

Proud to be from Texas!

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