Sunday, June 28, 2015

Kentucky Bluegrass

We left right on time for Shepherdsville.  It was a short drive with a stop at Pilot to fill our auxillary tank.  Having been to Grandma's before, Ted knew exactly where to go but we pulled in past the office to get out of the road.  Then he had to back up into the street to make the turn onto Row 1.  I literally had to stand in the street once traffic cleared to keep any more from coming through while he did it.  A motorhome would have to take the time to unhook their car before they could back up!  Luckily Tom stopped on the street and waited to turn.  I guess maybe if the flea market isn't going on there isn't much traffic but Saturday there was.  It just isn't the best arrangement.

Once we were set up we headed to 6pm, the shoe store.  Unfortunately they were closed due to a power failure, fortunately it is the Customer Appreciation weekend so prices are 50% off as usual and then another 40% off that.  Also the sliding color discounts were moved too!  Two years ago we bought 5 pairs of brand name shoes for $110!  They gave us coupons and we will try to go later.

We drove around locating church, the music venue, a Mexican restaurant and the car wash.  Arriving back at the park we decided to leave at 4:30 for church.  Mass was not crowded so parking and seating were easy to find.  Afterwards we went to the restaurant.  We are so used to Spanglish at Mexican restaurants that Ted was amused when he asked for queso on his fajitas and she said  questioningly "you want cheese?"   The food was good and we all cleaned our plates.

From there we went to the Opry for the evening.  This is a 3 hour terrific show with amazing talent.  We received a shout out from the stage for having come all the way from Texas!  Eileen won a $5 gift certificate to a local BBQ place and she gave it to the man sitting in front of us.  Now the $180 split the pot prize she would have kept!  We all really enjoyed the show but 3 hours gets a bit tiresome on the fanny and I for one was glad when it was over so I could get up.

Today we headed to Churchill Downs.  Ted and I toured here several years ago and enjoyed it so much.  Some photos may be repeats but it is such a pretty place.


Flowers at door.

Famous spires.

Winner's Circle only for Derby

Finish Line

Silk colors of American Pharoah, 2015 Derby winner.

Lil E. Tee ridden by Pat Day (with arms raised), the winningest jockey at Churchill Downs.

Inside the Museum

Ted with American Pharoah

I talked Eileen into winning and then this young man.  Maybe I should have been a trainer.

No one had a quarter!

Eileen in the Starting Gate

Eileen and I choosing our hats for the Derby.

We had a fun time.  Besides the museum we had a tour of the track and grounds.  We are about 20 degrees lower than we had been and today was perfect.

After having lunch at Little Sicily we walked the Riverwalk along the Ohio River.  The Belle of Louisville was docked.  Ted and I remember when she would race the Delta Queen many years ago.

We finished the day at the shoe store. But I was the only one who found anything.  I got red canvass shoes and a blue pair of Skechers.  We are going back tomorrow to try again.  They said they get new stock each day.

The Kentucky Derby is billed as the most exciting two minutes in sports. Held every year on the first Saturday in May at the World famous Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, the most glamorous horse racing event of the year draws spectators from all over the world.

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