Saturday, June 20, 2015

And We Are Off and Running

Friday I joined the folks for breakfast who had arrived early at the motel.  Quite a few had come in early for a long weekend.  I laughed at the wafflemaker - a Smoky Mtn. Bear shape!  I delivered the two dresses to Sarah, a bag of things I had for Karen, two baby presents and a bag of old jewelry for Sue who uses the beads to make new jewelry and a wedding card and check to Nick and Johanna.  I think the rest is all for the Michigan kids who I will see in mid-July.

Ted had slept in so I went to the Dollar Store with Keith, Steve and Marge to get wrapping paper for the White Elephant exchange Saturday night.  They had already left Connecticut before the final email went out so they hadn't brought anything.  This was a good place for them to pick up a few things.

There are two Christmas shops between our area and the Dollar Tree so of course Keith had to stop.  He eats, sleeps and drinks Christmas.  The only time my current house was ever decorated for Christmas was the year he stayed for Thanksgiving after our cruise.  

I found Ted in the pool so I came to the RV to put on my suit and went back over.  We stayed about three hours before needing to get dressed to help with dinner.

Our dinner was served in the pavilion - 94 attendees.

Every family received a goody bag.

Karen and Debbie putting last minute pens into the bags.

Ted and Landon manned the grill assisted at times by Tim.

Keith, Joe, Nancy and Steve setting up the buffet.  Dinner was burgers, metts, brats and hot dogs.  Grilled peppers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce.  Homemade German potato salad, homemade hot bacon slaw, beans, applesauce and in deference to the kids ravioli and chicken nuggets.

We had celebration #2 for our anniversary. 

Because the cake was transported from Cincinnati, two half sheets were baked instead of one big one.

Three of the four babies born this year - twins Maddie and Morgan, and Lucas.  Big sister to the twins, Lilly, can be seen in the lower left hand corner of the first photo.  Baby Jemma joined them for the second photo.  Our oldest attendee was Ann at 85.

These rest are family photos included for posterity.

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