Friday, July 4, 2014

Working Vacation

Kara is absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress.  I think it will be easier to get her into it than Kristin was with the back corset design.  Those things make you work like Mammy in Gone With the Wind lacing up Miss Scarlet.  And after the ceremony you have to know how to bustle it.  My jobs never seem to stop!

Kelly joined us and we stopped for ice cream at Ray's Ice Cream in Royal Oak.  It is the homemade ice cream institution of southeast Michigan.  We had Putz's in Ohio, Rodeo Whip in Florida, Ray's in Michigan but only the franchises in Texas.  Of course Blue Bell reigns supreme there so maybe no one feels the need for a stand alone ice cream store.  The cost for five cones would have bought a week's groceries for my family back in 1969!

When we arrived home Kara decided to have the children try on their wedding clothes for a last check.  Morgan is fine in her ivory dress that matches her mother's but Sam had outgrown his suit pants.  So Wednesday morning Bill and I took him to JCP to see if we could match their suit separates to his jacket.  There are lots of shades of black so we ended up with dark charcoal as our best option.  My afternoon was spent hemming these new pants and turning up the sleeves on his jacket.  

Ted came in to get me so after dinner we accompanied Kara to Office Max to have the program I had compiled, copied and using the purchased covers, folded and stapled into booklets.  Having Ted's printing help, I was able to accurately put together a landscape orientation consisting of 3 sheets to be doublesided copied.  That requires six files containing pages 1 and 12 on a sheet, 2 and 11, 3 and 10, etc.  It gets a bit tricky but I did it.  Another job done.

Yesterday Ted went shooting, to the grocery store and met up with Kara to borrow her large crockpot to make his pulled pork for today's picnic.  We have 14 coming now.  In the meantime I was busy cutting 9 sheets of card stock into 6 x 2 pieces and then 9 sheets of a print into 5.75 x 1. 75 pieces and gluing one on top of the other.  I have to do the last white layer when Kara gives me names and table numbers.  Once I have all that, they will go into acrylic frames to serve as place cards and a frame for the photo booth strips at the reception.  They were a big hit at Kristin's wedding.

It has been a bit cool here.  It is in the 50s this morning but will warm up to mid-70s they say.  That should make it pleasant enough to spend the day outside without being too hot.  I told everyone to bring their cooler, chairs and a dish to share.  I have everything I need in the trailer but trying to stretch it to cover 14 folks for a day is pushing it.

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